November 1996

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Spica ST711

The Spica ST711 is a cute little 7 transistor set that measures only 2 3/4" high by 2 3/8" wide. The example shown above is made of black plastic with a metal front bezel and a perforated grill. The center of the grill is decorated with a round brass badge highlighted with maroon paint. The controls are located on the right side of the case-the upper knob is for on/off/volume control and the lower knob is for tuning. The brass chain and key ring are attached to a mounting post at the upper left side of the case, directly above the earphone jack. The rear of the case is vented and has a gold "Model ST711" sticker.

This radio was found complete with an attractive light mint green, black, and red box decorated with a picture of the world, a black zippered carrying case, an earphone in its own snap-shut case, instructions, and a warranty card. It was originally guaranteed for a period of 90 days by Summit International Corp., 44 Whitehall Street, New York 4, NY.


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FOR SALE: Send S.A.S.E. for list of pocket and portable transistor radios that have been electronically restored and play like they did when they were new. Randy Hartge, 6612 North 90th Street, Omaha, NE 68122. (# removed).

WANTED: Cigarette advertising radios. Any foreign cigarette radios. Will pay top price. John DeLoria, 101 Doverbrook Road, Chicopee, MA 01022. (# removed).

WANTED: Battery cover for Hoffman solar KP706 (black). Glenn Carlo, 5440 N.E. 22 Terrace #9, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. (# removed).

WANTED: TR-52 Sony (pictured above), "SONY TOKYO TSUSHIN KOGYO, LTD." Paying over $1000 for good examples. Also wanted small TVs from 1970s to 1990s, 1" to 4" screen, Sony, Panasonic etc. Tom Christopher, 5350 Alum Rock Avenue, San Jose, CA 95127. Bus: (# removed). Fax (# removed).

WANTED: Early Sony transistor radios 1955-1963. I am also interested in advertisements, leaflets, and service manuals (original or copy). Henry Bohlmann, Birkenstieg 21, 22359 Hamburg, Germany. Phone (# removed). Fax (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: General Electric 675, good, no cracks, $65. Emerson 888 Vanguard (black), excellent condition, $100. Channel Master 6512, with case, excellent condition, $30. Dave Working, 418 North Shore Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Phone/fax (# removed).

FOR SALE: Hundreds of antique radios and electronics. Huge photo list $1.50 plus SASE (55). Radio Ranch, 10745 - 255th Avenue NE, Belgrade, MN 56312.

WANTED: Capehart transistor radio model T8-201. Philco model T-66-126. Sams Transistor Manual #13. Jim Given, 1840 Country Meadows Terrace, Sarasota, FL 34235. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Standard Radio Collection. Over 30 Standard Radios including miniature tube types, all sizes of the quality multiband portables, pocket sets, and 11 different Micros. All radios are cleaned, polished, and in working order including all the Micros! Some sets as new in original boxes with papers. Will not separate! $2500.00. Send SASE for detailed list. Karl E. Ayer N9PXE, P.O. Box 665, Thiensville, WI 53092. (# removed).

WANTED: The first transistor TV of Sony, 8-301W or 8-301, in good condition. Please write or fax with price and condition. Minoru Muraoka, 2-18-30-503 Kikuna, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 222 Japan. Fax: (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Sony TFM-151. Enrico Tedeschi, 54 Easthill Drive, Brighton, BN41 2FD, England. Tel/fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

MESSAGE: Gary Arnold is still interested in novelty radios! Please e-mail to: (email removed) or Gary Arnold, 615 Oak Street, Marion, NC 28752

FOR SALE: Reverse painted sets: Perfect Trancel TR80, ivory, $165. Global GR711, $50. Fuji-Denki, red, crack, chip, $40. Emerson 707, tan, $30. Commodore "Super Deluxe," blue, chip, $60. Philco T66, black, $30. Grundig Microboy, with matching speaker box, both orange, $125 for pair, they play! New in box sets: Royal (like back cover Lane book "Nipco"), $85. General Motors 1102, $25 each. Zenith Royal 40, green, $65. OMGS 1020, $25. WANTED: Solar radios like Zenith Royal 555 and Admiral 7L12. Arvin 8576, 9577, Emerson 999, pink Zenith Royal 500 and white 500D. D.M. Maurer, 29 South 4th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042. Phone (# removed).

FOR SALE: Magnavox model 1R1008, new in box, with earphone and original battery. I have 2, $25 each. Westinghouse model H-914P, mint, with case, picture in Bunis book 1 page 237, $20. Candle model PTR-109, mint, with case, $20. Crown model TR-680, light blue, has side hairline cracks, with case, $30. Riviera model RV62, in excellent condition, two-tone grey and black, with case, $40. All radios listed are in working condition. All prices plus postage. Bob Furtado, 23 Garden Road, Alameda, CA 94502. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Crosley Book radio, title "As You Like It," very good condition, $175. Coke Vending Machine, 1970s, made in Japan, Jack Russell Co., $85. Sony 610, red, displays well, but lots of cracks, $30. Emerson 990 "Sportsman," leather, looks like 911, $25. Tan Zenith Royal 500, one chip, $95. Radio Pendant, made in Japan, in original box, $15. '57 Chevy radio and tape player by Randix, red, $60. Dekalite 6 transistor, new in box, with original battery, case, and earphone, looks like Aurora, page 43 in Made In Japan, $100. Suzanne Wyatt, 4403 Boyd Road, Dearborn, MO 64439. (# removed).

WANTED: Globe Trotter or Globe Traveler Nordmende in excellent condition. If anyone reading this ad in Lima, Peru wants to return my Globe Trotter which I left in my friend Bertha's house in Miraflores, back in 1976, will receive full price (guaranteed). If somebody wishes to offer me a similar unit, please send actual color snapshots, price, etc. to R. Marquina Marchand, P.O. Box 7, Gedney Station, White Plains, NY 10605, U.S.A.

FOR SALE/TRADE: (see photo) 1. Realtone TR-801, white, vvg original condition, working, $75. 2. Uni-Six, red, excellent condition, working, $50. 3. Bulova 730, aqua, excellent condition, working, $50. 4. Candle TR-8, blue, cracks and chips but displays great from front, plays great, $45. 5. Panasonic R-111, very small, chrome and black (Lane, p.76), $40. 6. Ross Triumph Deluxe, white, corner chips, $35. FOR TRADE: Privat-Ear, 1951 subminiature tube pocket radio, earphone only, maroon, original working condition, in original box-for very high-end transistor. David Mednick, 25 Jefferson Street, Apt. #7-B, Hackensack, NJ 07601-5038. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: Webcor md. WFM 2069, 6 band short wave AM/FM portable, in nice playing condition. A portable that looks like the Zenith 3000 and made in Japan, $45. Ross (made in Japan) portable, 10" x 7 1/2", 5 band shortwave, AM/FM, md. JT602. Nice playing condition. $30. Nordmende portable 10 1/2" x 6 1/2", Transita Royal, 3 band, AM/FM shortwave, in nice playing condition, $40. All plus UPS. Paul Fulton, 711 Jaquelyn Road, Westwood, NJ 07675. (# removed).

WANTED: Emerson 747, 838, 839, Automatic Tom Thumb, Westinghouse Peter Pan and many other hybrids and coat pocket mini-tubes. Also collecting pocket crystal radios and hearing aids. Will purchase or trade for excellent condition early transistor radios. Mike Brooks, 7335 Skyline, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed) evenings.

WANTED: Zenith Transoceanic model R-7000. Top price paid for nice example. Robert McPherson, 2085 Austin Drive, Las Cruces, NM 88001. (# removed) evenings. E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: The microcassette recorder that fits into the slot on a General Electric model 3XM3226X mini TV. Ed Guenther, 62902 Eagle Road, Bend, OR 97701.

FOR SALE: Crosley JM-8BM, "As You Like It," battery damage, displays good as a book, $50. Zenith Royal 500, black, $50. Zenith Royal 500D, maroon, $40. Toshiba 294B, $50. Toshiba 294B, missing knob, $25. Marvel, cream, $30. General Electric P-850D, $20. Sony 2R-21, $20. Emerson 888 Pioneer, white or black, $50; 888 Explorer, white, 3 small chips, $35. Emerson 911, charcoal gray, $30; coral, $25. Emerson 868, $35. Emerson 555, $30. Zenith Royal 11, $20; Royal 40, brown, $20; Royal 275, $20; Royal 250, $10; Royal 200, $20. Arrow TS-303, red/white, $20. Golden Shield 2701, $20. Channel Master 6506, $15. Bulova 290L, $25. Omegas 2MY-G02, $10. Planatair, NIB, $50. Ed Bordeau, 136 Elmcrest Drive, Fishkill, NY 12524. (# removed). E-mail to: (email removed)

FOR SALE: No chips/cracks unless noted, working unless noted. Afco Hi-Fi 10 (like Nipco on Lane cover), ivory, missing handle, not working, $20. Deluxe 2 transistor Boy's, horizontal, red, $40. Holiday Deluxe 2 transistor Boy's, vertical, ivory, excellent, $40. NEC NT-6B, (1958?), horizontal coat pocket, gray, reverse paint, leather case, $45. Seminole 1001, horizontal coat pocket, black, leather case, like new, $40. Sony TR-84, ivory, wrist strap, $40. Sony TR-610, ivory, 2 small chips/cracks where back meets case, needs cleaning, $60. Sony TR-716, AM/SW, small horizontal coat pocket, blue, slide rule dial w/CDs, leather case, like new, $50. Trav-Ler TR-280-B Super Six Power Mite, ebony, missing handle, $70. Zenith Royal 20 Micro, black, in presentation box with earphone, battery box, guide, missing back screw, $25. Zephyr AR-600, pink front, red back and tuner knob, 2 chips and split on sides, displays well, works, $95. Zephyr ZR-620, blue, excellent. $95. Plus shipping. Charles Sandes, 288-28th Street, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed) before 8 PM PT.

FOR SALE: New transistor video by Roger Handy and Eric Wrobbel. Fun, informal video featuring nearly two hours of our favorite transistors from Japan and America. See over 100 fabulous radios up close including pink and blue pearlescent Regency TR-1s. With colorful boxes, advertising, collecting tips. A program list is included with brand names and model numbers. VHS. $29.95 includes postage. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Toshiba 6TC-485, blue/gray, $65. Toshiba 10TL-429F, gray, $40. Toshiba 8P-823F, black, $25. Jewel TR-1, all leather, $40. Airline GEN-1112A, all leather, $40. NEC NT-6B, gray, with box & case, $40. Sony 3F-77W, black, with case, $25. Arvin 61R13, red, $30. Silvertone 4201, red, $25. Koyo Butex, AM, with antenna & case, black, $55. General Electric P-9011, honey white, with case, $20. Hitachi TH-680, black, with case, $25. RCA 1T4E, Hawaii, antique white, $40. Zenith 500L, black, $35. Magnavox AM-60, black, $20. Channel Master 6509, red, $25. Continental TR-863, black, with case, $15. Delco 989172 Trans-Portable, green, $50. Glenn Carlo, 5440 N.E. 22 Terrace #9, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Jupiter Boys Radio/Watch, new in clear-covered presentation case, as pictured above and on page 136 of the second Bunis book and page 76 of Made In Japan. 4 available, will sell for $200 each or trade for pristine examples of the following transistors: Global GR-900; Lafayette FS-91; Jaguar 6T-250; Kowa KT-91; Motorola 7X23E, 7X2405, 7X24W; Monarch 90; NEC NT-620, NT-61; Orion Deluxe; Realtone TR870, TR1088; Sony TR610, TR86; Toshiba 6TP-31A, 6TP-309, 7TP-303, 8TM-294B; Trancel TR80, TR60; Viscount 6TP-103; Zenith Royal 500H; Zenith Royal 555; Zephyr ZR-620, ZR-930, AR-600; any speaker box radios; any Crosley book radios; any Oceana; any Topnotch; or make offer of similar radios to above. Photo helps if offering radios in trade. Bruce Phillips, 127 Bunker Hill Avenue, Stratham, NH 03885. Telephone (# removed) after 5 PM please.

FOR SALE: Global GR-711. Excellent to pristine condition. 6 transistors w/case. John DeLoria, 101 Doverbrook Road, Chicopee, MA 01022. (# removed).

MESSAGE/FOR SALE: Answering machine malfunctioned while I was away. All items in ad on page 10 last month's TN still available. Apologies to those of you inconvenienced. A.T. Shost, 1307 Maple Lane, Sedalia, MO 65301. (# removed).

WANTED: Emerson 31P54, Airline 621258 portable in excellent working condition. Also dual aerial (telescoping) for Zenith Royal 2000 (1961). Send polaroids. Mike Hanke, 1036 So. 15th Avenue, Wausau, WI 54401. Do not phone.

FOR SALE: Motorola 6X39A Weatherama, works good and in good condition, $75. Motorola X11E, clean, $25. Motorola CX2N Tandem, complete all parts, $35. Nobility 1600 new in box, $15. Small size Nobility, in box, $15. Ross RE210, in box, with papers, $30. General Electric P740A, $7. General Electric 791B, $25. General Electric 800A, $25. General Electric P1844B, $10. General Electric P9954 (like P995B), $15. Hitachi KH934, like new, $15. Motorola 8X26E, some chips, plug in transistors, works good, displays OK, $25. Naco AM/FM clock radio on swivel, small, $15. Nobility old style portable, $15. Matsushita T-41 (Panasonic), $12. Sony TR1819, $18. Toshiba 7TH513, $20. Toshiba 8TR686F, very clean, $15. Westinghouse H914P8G8, $10. Zenith Royal 500D, maroon, $50. Royal 3000-1, works great, $80. Others. Send SASE. NOVELTIES: # after name refers to Bunis or Bunis/Breed. Blabbermouse 179, mbc, $10; with $15. Avon SSS 151, mbc, $10. Knight 507, mbc, $25. Smurf, mbc, $10. Lady Bug 199, $25. Computer Mouse, NIB, $10. Benson Hedges 157, $18. Bert/Ernie 149, $20. Elvis 224, $40. Grammy Phone8, similar B419, $25. J. Carter Peanut, in box 183, $35. Others SASE. H.B. McMahan, 313 W. Shaw, Tyler, TX 75701-3029. (# removed). UPS extra.

FOR SALE: Queen Deluxe Boy's Radio, in box, $35. Wendell West CR-7A, $8. Hit Tune (novelty), new, $8. Cabbage Patch Kids, $7. AM Cube radio, NIB, $6. I have 78 rpm Vogue Picture Disc records that I'll trade for cute transistors. Also trade Motorola 68X110, 2 tone tan and brown (tube-plastic). WANTED: RCA 8-B1-9E. Toshiba 7TP-303 (Bunis 218). Philco T51-124. Magnavox AM-23. Arvin 9574P (portable). Add $3.50 for shipping. Jim Martes, 15400 E. 2nd Street So., Independence, MO 64050. (# removed).

SEE: Transistor and tube portable radios in the Internet! Mike Stute, 2140 Sequoyah Way, Carrollton, TX 75006. (# removed). Web: Choose "Radio-O-Rama."

WANTED: Transistor radios: ITT 6409-A and Yaou 6G-819 or 6G-909. Mike Itzo, 515 - 77th Avenue, Saint Pete Beach, FL 33706. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Very rare jade green marbleized TR-1 in beautiful condition, $1700. Emerson 856 hybrid, many colors, $125 each. Black Emerson 888 Explorer (like new), $100. Turquoise 888 Explorer (gorgeous), $125. Philco N.I.B. T52-124, charcoal, called "The Reflex," $45, with very fancy box. Zenith Transoceanic 3000-1, $60. Bulova 680, super condition, $50. NOVELTIES: Tea Pot by Guild with trivet, like new and works, $125. French style Telephone, plate 488, like new, $45. Standing Knight, complete with sword, $35. Red Radio Shack (spelled), $30. Ballantines Whiskey Bottle, $45. Mercedes-Benz Grill radio, early Japanese, $50. Mr. Peanut, 3 dimensional, NIB, $50. Winston "Flip-Top" Cigarette Pack, $40. Harald Herp, 6615 Michele Court, Huntingtown, MD 20639. (# removed).

WANTED: California Raisin novelty radio, black or white Regency TR-1, Zenith Royal 7000 Transoceanic. Michael Roy, 13911 NE 9th Street, Vancouver, WA 98684. Day (# removed). Evening (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE OR TRADE: Arvin 61R16, turquoise, $20. Crestline 6T-220, page 73 Bunis T2, $90. General Electric P746-B, turquoise, $20. Gol-fone Golf Club novelty and case, $60. Mellow-Tone TR-6, white, case (see Diplomat HT-6088, Bunis T2 page 79), $60. Micronic red SR-H437, earphone, clamshell case, excellent condition, $110. Micronic SR-H437, black, clamshell, excellent, $100. Micronic SR-H436, brown, $140. Motorola X-21, ivory with rhinestone, clamshell, $100. Panasonic R-1000 Radar-Matic, $65. Penney's 6TP-322, red/white, $50. Planatair "Worlds Smallest," Germanium, with box, $40. Toshiba 7TH-425 Fan, Bunis T1 page 217, black, good condition, $125. Trancel 6TP-243, white, $50. Vista NTR-850, oval, red, $50. Vista NTR-800, red, $45. Petite NTR-800, like Vista, black, $60. Universal 8, not in guides, nice, reverse paint, $75. WILL TRADE my nice transistors for: Microphones and 3-D cameras, trade your small cheap consumer mics, came with '50s-'60s tape recorders, or '50s 3-D cameras. Realist, Revere, Wollensak, Kodak, Belplasca, viewers, images and View Master desired. Tear one or more of my transistor beauties loose in exchange for this. Jon Golden, 16 Roundwood Road, Newton, MA 02164. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

SERVICES: Cosmetic restorations of transistor radios. Logos, dials, crack repair. Reproduction badges and nameplates. What do you need? Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

WANTED: I am looking for the following transistor radios made by General Electric: "Disneyland" C2418A, "Mickey Mouse" C2418A, "Disneyland" C2419A, and "Mickey Mouse" C2419A. Would like radios to be in very good to mint condition. Thanks. Daniel Racovaz, 1237 Albion Road, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada. M9V 1A9. (# removed).

WANTED: Manual, schematic, for Heathkit (transistorized) inverter, model MP-14 (1969). FOR SALE: Two (transistor) ATR car radios. One NOS, one little used. Both 12 volt positive or negative ground, both work like new, $25, both, shipped. Have many TO-36 PNP germanium power transistors, NOS, $5 each, firm. Nearly complete set of Sams AR (auto radio) schematic manuals (tube, hybrid, transistor) - first $500 takes all. 40 ohm voice coil, 6" dia. speaker (use as ext. speaker for Motorola sets requiring 30-40 ohm speaker), $3. NOS RCA 140 ohm c.t. speaker, $3. NOS ATR car radio chassis. All have mostly RCA PNP germanium RF-conv-if-af transistors plus 2 ea. 262.5 KC IFs that work in transistor or tube radios. Dozen chassis, $10. NIB Commodore C-64 computer, works (no documentation), $30, original cost $300! Jim Farago, 4017 - 42nd Avenue, So., Minneapolis, MN 55406-3528. (# removed).

WANTED: Looking for Zenith Royal 800 in black which has intact back, but is otherwise rough. I have a nice playing set which was missing its back and has a home made wooden back. Will pay reasonable price. Dan Schwartzman, 721 - 13th Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018-3401. (# removed) evenings. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: American Airlines Plane. Mini Jumbo Jet, Bunis transistor book. John DeLoria, 101 Doverbrook Road, Chicopee, MA 01022. (# removed).

WANTED: Have Emerson 888 "Vanguard," black; Emerson 888 "Explorer," black; and Emerson 31P58 "Gemini," black, in box, in good to excellent condition. Want to trade for Global GR-900 in good to excellent condition. Would consider other Global or Zephyr shirt pocket radios. Darrel Stockham, 1514 E. Ellsworth, Salina, KS 67401. (# removed) after 5 PM CST.

FOR SALE: Honeytone FR-601, black with gold trim, $110. Commodore Deluxe, ivory, $65. Candle PTR-85C, ivory with gold reverse paint, with case and box bottom, $95. Petite NTR-120, black with great asymmetric reverse paint decor, $145. Magnavox 2-AM-80, tan with case, $55. NEC NT-620, black with purple underlay, with case, $145. NEC NT-625, ivory with gold reverse and front and back grills, $110. O.M.G.S. Princess, green/ivory with gold reverse paint, with case and box, $135. Coronado 6 PA50-9902, tan with gold, horizontal, shirt pocket, $135. Omscolite BL-006P, white and black with very stylish front trim, with case, $155. Coronet Boy's Radio, blue and white, NIB, $95. Candle, ivory, with deep "Vee" design, with case. Please add for postage. Allen Weiner, 80 Central Park West, NYC, NY 10023. (# removed). Fax (# removed). Want lists welcome.

FOR SALE/TRADE: Sony TR-620 (coral) excellent condition, best offer. Glenn Carlo, 5440 N.E. 22 Terrace #9, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. (# removed).

WANTED: Red Sears Silvertone model 5204, circa 1964. Will also consider other colors in same series: 5202, 5203, and 5205. See photo of 5205 in Bunis vol. 1. Bob McGarrah, 6616 Koerner Road, Edwards, IL 61528. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Panasonic RF-519, $20. Motorola X31A, $15. General Electric P-808B, $8. General Electric P808-J, $8. General Electric P-807J, $8. Royal International 8TP-902, new in box, $35. Motorola XT185-25, $25. Airline GEN1248A, $20. Gala TR-824, $25. Channel Master 6506B, one chip, $10. Emerson 31P56, $15. General Electric P1704A, $15. General Electric P2790D, $8. Channel Master 6506, two available, three chips, $10. Continental TR1067, $25. Audition no #, $10. Ambassador no #, $20. Channel Master 6528, $20. Crown TRF-1100, $15. Wendel West CR-18, $40. Sylvania no #, 1960?, $15. Realtone TR2051, $15. Magnavox AM61, two available, $20. Magnavox AM81, two available, $20. Starlite no #, 9 TR pocket, CDs, $20. Viscount no #, 10 TR pocket, CDs, $20. Starlite no #, $15. General Electric P1700A, $15. Bulova 1690 series, $25. Lafayette TR1948, $20. Juliette APR-256, $10. Lloyds no #, small, $25. Orion JT-602, $25. RCA RHH17N, $15. General Electric P700P, $5. Oxford TRN6312N, looks like OX 1296, $30. Magnavox 90ALO39, $10. Westinghouse H914P8GP, $15. Candle 10TR, no #, pocket, CDs, $8. Viscount 611, $20. Panasonic R-1028, $15. Aircastle SP-10H, $20. OMGS no #, pocket 8 TR, $10. Airline GEN1127A, $25. Castle HT1221, $20. Panasonic Super 7, $10. Major-Model TR-1021, CDs, $22. Most radios in good condition with no chips. Nick Carchidi, 5002 - 18th Street E., Bradenton, FL 34203. Phone/Fax (# removed) before 2:00 PM EST or leave a message and I'll call you back.

FOR SALE: Novelty radios: Roulette Wheel, not the one in the book, new in box, $50. Telegraph Key with Sounder, Breed plate 500, $125. Pinball Wizard, Breed plate 423, with box shaped like pinball machine, $125. Hershey's Syrup, NIB, Breed plate 327, $65. Pinch Scotch Whiskey, w/box, Breed plate 386, $75. Hamms's Beer, Breed plate 343, NIB, $75. Campbell's Soup, NIB, B&B plate 53, small size, $45. Carolina Enriched Rice, NIB, $70. Punchy, NIB, Breed plate 294, $75. Schlitz Football, with tee, Breed plate 312, $75. Woolite Bottle, NIB, Breed pl 321, $100. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8 PM EST. Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Granada TRP800 transistor AM radio-phono. About the size of an early portable cassette recorder, with box and owners manual, like new, $40. Sylvania 7P12 with leather case in good condition, $35. Unassembled Archer kit radio 28-4029, $25. Channel Master 6506, with good leather case, $25. Box of 15 transistor radios, $25. UPS extra. Victor Marett, 3201 N.W. 18 Street, Miami, FL 33125. (# removed).

FOR SALE: N.I.B. Toshiba Display case. Cash or interesting trade. John DeLoria, 101 Doverbrook Road, Chicopee, MA 01022. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: Novelties (trades welcome): Crayola Crayons, MIB, $75. Cathedral Radio repro, old fashion Pepsi logo embroidered in grill cloth, MIB, very neat, $65. Pink '57 Chevy rear end, B&B pl# 551, MIB, $75. Oreo Cookie, B pl #370, excellent, $40. Football Helmet, CFL, MIB, all decals for Canadian teams, you put on the decal of your favorite team, very rare, $75. Spirit of St. Louis large Juke Box, AM/FM cassette, MIB, 1 left, was $89.95, now $75. Fada Bullet reproduction, AM/FM/cassette, maroon/yellow, very pretty, 1 left, unopened, MIB, was $75, now $50. Planters Peanut, B pl #301, very rare, excellent, $65. Fred Flintstone, B pl #86, rare, excellent, $65. Star Trek Shuttlecraft, AM/FM digital clock radio, unopened MIB, 1 left, was $70, now $50. Elvis Memorial radio (2), B pl #221, one excellent, $50; the other one is MIB, $100. Paperweight Money radio, B&B pl# 597, excellent, $35. Money Talks, B pl #211, excellent, $25.. Avon Skin So Soft, B&B 151, excellent, $20. Mork From Ork, B pl #123, excellent, $25. Ball and Chain, green, B pl #515, excellent, $10. Knights Helmet, B pl #507, good, $25. Computer Mouse, FM/scan, MIB, 1 left, $15. Rest Room radio, B pl #496, GIB, $10. Tropicana Orange (2), both very good, $10 each. French Telephone, B pl #488, $20. Polaroid AM/FM film, B pl #179, $10. Raggedy Ann/Andy, B pl #131, MBC, $5. Jukebox, B pl #411, excellent, $20. Benson & Hedges, FM/headphone, NIB, $10. All plus shipping /handling. Days 10AM till 6 PM EST. Dan Phelan, Consolidated Electronics, 24 Hinchey Road, Rochester, NY 14624. Phone/fax (# removed).

FOR SALE: All radios in excellent or like new condition. Philco T-500-124, pink front, black back, plays, B-1 p152, $60. Westinghouse "Escort," B-1 p238, $50. Emerson 555, sunburst, like new, plays, $65. RCA 8-BT-7LE, B-1 p165, $55. Bulova 290, black, plays, like new, $75. Silvertone 8208, black, plays, like 8204, B-2 p250, nice long vertical type, $60. General Electric P715, plays, B-1 p 73, $45. General Electric P-711A, turquoise, plays, $55. Realtone 1826, black, plays, $75. Emerson "888" Pioneer, red, plays, $75. Emerson "888" Pioneer, white, plays, $90; black, plays, $80; red, power, no sound, $70. Emerson "888" No Name, red, no play, some power, $70. Emerson "888" Vanguard, black, plays, $95. Emerson "888" Explorer, green, plays, $140. Emerson "988" Rambler, black, very nice, no play, $80. Also the Canadian version of the 888 Pioneer, Marconi (CMC), red, called model 488, $110. Magnavox AM-2, red, $90; AM-22, red, $60. Call for more information. Harold Trieb, 644 - 8th Street North, Hudson, WI 54016. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: Novelty radios. Black Cadillac, NIB, $50. John Palmer Race Car, NIB, $30. Locomotive, B pl 034, $35. Locomotive, B pl 033, $50. Donald Duck, NIB, $50. Little Sprout, $40. Lunch Box, B&B pl 218, $20. Standing Knight, missing sword, $40. Elvis, $30. Oscar in Trashcan, $25. 1917 car, B pl 043, $30. Panda, B pl 222, $20. Mickey Mouse, B pl 110, $25. Batman, $60. Raggedy Ann & Andy, $20. Stanley Tape Measure, $35. Schlitz Can, $20. Grand Old Parr, $40. Tom & Jerry, $35. Superman, MBC, $35. Helping Hand, $50. Tony Tiger, $25. Kraft Macaroni, $30. Transformer, B pl 241, $30. Lady Bug, $35. Sinclair Gas Pump, $25. 7-UP Can, $20. Golf Club, $40. Polaroid 600, $15. Hamburger, $15. Bert & Ernie, $15. Lunch Box, B&B pl 223, $20. Blabber Mouse, $15. Jukebox, B pl 411, $25. Pound Puppy, $10. Marshmallow Man, $10. Cabbage Patch Girl, $15. Spirit of '76, $45. WANTED: Pepsi Light, B pl 350. Pepsi, B pl 351. Diet Pepsi, B&B pl 113. Diet Pepsi, B&B pl 115. Pepsi Light, B&B pl 135. Mountain Dew Jug, B pl 092. Fred Flintstone, B pl 086. Huckleberry/Yogi, B pl 100. Punchy, B pl 294. Ed Bordeau, 136 Elmcrest Drive, Fishkill, NY 12524. (# removed). E-mail to: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Collectors Guide To Transistor Radios, Second Edition, $16.95 (Canada add $2 shipping). Collectors Guide to Novelty Radios, $18.95 (Canada add $4 shipping). Collecting Transistor Novelty Radios, 1994 Price Update, $4.95 postpaid. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. (# removed) before 8 PM EST. Fax (# removed) anytime. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Transistors: Bulova 892, black case, MIB, $65. Top Flight Boy's, blue and white, excellent, $40. Coronet Boy's, black and white, perfect front, flaws in rear, $15. Sam Samuelian, 2305 W. Deerfield Drive, Media, PA 19063. (# removed). Will be in NY City Triple Pier Expo November 16-17 and 23-24.

FOR SALE: Novelty transistor Kodak Photocopy Machine, B&B pl 165, excellent condition, on/off knob stuck, $75 postpaid. Arnold Hornstein, 21 Golden Hill Court, Baltimore, MD 21228. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Magnavox AM81, tan, $15. Nivico 2 band 9TA-3R, chipped and cracked on right side, displays well, $20. Silvertone 3210, $15. Motorola X47E, $15. Sony 2R-31, $12. Claricon VI, white, $12. Vornado Deluxe 6 transistor, $15. Valiant 10 transistor, oval grill, $15. Panasonic T-59, black, $25. Westinghouse H842P6, $20. Peerless 880, $15. Starlite Deluxe 10 transistor, white, $15. Realtone 9 transistor, $20. Lever 6 transistor, white and red, $25. PARTS SETS: Crown TR-690, blue, $8. Zenith Royal 500, black, $15. Zenith Royal 285, brown, $10. Viscount 616, black, $8. All radios untested, plus shipping. Nick Calantonio, 409 Reading Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Bendix Navigator model 410 as seen on cover of last T.N. John DeLoria, 101 Doverbrook Road, Chicopee, MA 01022. (# removed).

WANTED: Grundig Music Transistor-Boy E100. Brown leather portable transistor. Has AM and 25-60 Meter bands. See picture in ARC November 1996, Poster ad. Robert Crockett, 212 Marmona Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Hoffman Solar radios. One red, one white. John DeLoria, 101 Doverbrook Road, Chicopee, MA 01022. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Standard SR-G24, good, $40 plus shipping. See photo in Bunis vol. 2. Bob McGarrah, 6616 Kroerner Road, Edwards, IL 61528. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Transistor Radio Photo Guides. Each guide packed with photos of all known collectible models of each brand. With model numbers and notes. Global/Zephyr Guide shows all 32 of the radios from these outstanding manufacturers. Standard Guide shows all 50 of the Standards including all 13 Micronic Rubys. Realtone Guide has 59 models. Toshiba Guide has 61. Sony Guide has 94. Guides include rare models not shown anywhere else. Regency booklet tells all about the first transistor radio and related models, TR-1, TR-1G, TR-4, Bulova 250, Mitchell, Mantola, and discusses variations, date codes, rarities, and trivia. Lots of info and pictures. Regency booklet is $10, all others are $7 each. Prices include postage. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

SERVICES: Keep this ad handy for future use! I can repair your favorite AM transistor radio to play like it did when it was new. Twenty six years experience in radio repair. Minimum $20, maximum $35 plus shipping. If unable to be repaired, radios will be sent back prepaid. Randy Hartge, 6612 North 90th Street, Omaha, NE 68122. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Raytheon T-100-3, red and black, logo faded, but nice condition, $350. Global 711, black, nicest one I've had, $125. GE 678, aqua, 1st GE, mint, $150. Petite, red, has gold grill with pagoda design in grill, 1 small chip, but a pretty radio, $125. Aladdin AL-65, blue and white, reverse painted, no chips or cracks, $100. RCA Bean Bag radio, $75. Emerson 888 Explorer, black, no chips or cracks, clean, $60. Emerson 888 Pioneer, red, nice, $75. Add $5 postage and handling. Sharon Fullerton, 2327 East Livingston Avenue, Columbus, OH 43209. (# removed).

WANTED: Sony TR-6. Non-worker preferred. Enrico Tedeschi, 54 Easthill Drive, Brighton BN41 2FD, UK. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE/TRADE: Novelties. Mickey in Car, B106, NIB, never unwrapped, $110. Lady Bug, B199, red, NIB, $65. Hamburger Helper, B284, NIB, $65. Pool Table, China, NIB, $35. Knight on Rearing Horse, B508, very good, $100. Standing Knight, B509, very good, $80. Giant Wrist Watch, B493, very good, $50. Plus shipping. Dan Sipola, 2840 Copeland Road, Maple Plain, MN 55359. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Schematic for Sparton 8L1 transistor portable radio, designed and manufactured by Sparton of Canada Ltd. at London. I may need a source for antique transistors: 2N1107, 2N1108, 2N1110, 2N1111, and 2N1273. I would like to get it to work but I can live without it so make me an offer I can't refuse. It doesn't work, but it's in good cosmetic shape. Oren Rapp, 1520 NW 63rd Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33063. Phone/fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Sony TR-63 in red, must be in excellent condition. Braun T3, T4, T31, and T41. Westrex Sound Tape cassettes, vintage 1953-1963. Any portable Westrex radio/tape or tape player. Harald Herp, 6615 Michele Court, Huntingtown, MD 20639. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Lloyds crystal radio in box, all there, works, $75. Small shirt pocket red Vista (like Fleetwoods, MIJ pg 66/67), nice but has little scuff, $75. Knight Helmet with speaker face, excellent but low volume, Breed plate 507, $30. Knight Helmet with face, excellent, Breed plate 509A, $95. Standing Knight with letter opener, very good, Breed plate 509, $25. Telegraph Key, Breed plate 500, very good to excellent condition but missing blue terminal and the top screw-nut, radio and sounder both working, $165. Winston 2 transistor, earphone only, red with gold grille, has some warp, with big telescoping antenna and bracket riveted to side, $63. Trav-Ler TR-282, red, chip, $45. Trav-Ler TR-287-B, rusted out dial, handle, bad volume control, rest of guts seem OK, case good with no cracks or chips, $45. Standard Micronic Ruby SR-H437, black, very good to excellent but not working, $40. NEC NT-625, ivory, excellent to mint, $75. All are plus shipping. Lars Roose, 10100 Chapala Court NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111. (# removed) evenings only please.

FOR SALE: Lamie Boy's Radio model 263, small horizontal, 2 tone gray, NIB, oval gold grill with raised gold lettering, $125. Continental TR-801, red, excellent except name scratched on bottom very lightly, Bunis 1 page 55, with box and instructions, $85. Barton 800D, black and white, made in Japan, with box and accessories, reverse plastic on white part of radio with raised gold lettering and arrows, gold mesh grill, horizontal, excellent condition, $150. Capri Boy's Radio TR21, blue, horizontal, with box, antenna, and earphone, excellent, $125. Jupiter 2 Transistor Watch radio, NIB, MIJ page 76, $150. Optex 6 model 2505-S, small 6 transistor, made in Japan, NIB, black with gold mesh grill, $125. Londale 930, looks like Zephyr ZR-930, Bunis 1 page 250, beige and white, reverse plastic, NIB, $250. Wilco ST-7, horizontal, made in Japan, black with gold grill, reverse plastic, MIJ page 45, NIB, $225. Wilco ST-7, green, MIJ page 45, excellent condition, $225. Dream TRN-60, white, round gold mesh grill, wire stand, with box, case, earphone, missing antenna screw-in, $60. Trancel TR-80, beige, NIB, reverse plastic, Bunis 1 page 221, $250. Spica ST-711, black, pictured on this month's TN cover, with box, carrying case, earphone w/case, and instructions, $60. ITT 881M, beige and coral, excellent condition, with all accessories and box, pictured in Bunis 1 page 98, $50. Toshiba 3WX speaker box, NIB, fits the 7TP-303, $75. Continental TR1067, cream, made in Japan, NIB, Bunis 1 page 56, $60. Toshiba 8TM41, NIB, Bunis 1 page 218, box has never been opened, $125. Zenith Royal 950 "Golden Triangle," excellent condition, with triangular black flocked box, $275. All plus shipping. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8 PM EST. Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Royal 500 transistor radios, any condition. Parts sets OK. Prefer any color but black and models 500, 500D, 500RD, 500B, but will take black and 500E if the price is right. Let me know what you have. Eldon A. Horton, 8187 LaHabra Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46236. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Zenith Royal 3000-1, virtually invisible repaired crack on underside of handle, otherwise excellent, including log charts, plays well on all bands, $75. WANTED: LED-type pocket calculators. Larry Gilbert, 2602 Amapola Drive, Davis, CA 95616. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Universal PTR-62B, blue, $18. RCA 4RG56, $18. Admiral 7M14, $45. Sony TR-610, white, $65. Seminole 1001, $20. Standard SR-J100F, $20. Nova-Tech "Nova 3," front cover last TN, $20. Zeniths: R.16, gold, $20; R.80, black, $20; R.85, aqua or tan, $20; R.200, coral, $30; R.250, white or tan, $25; R.275, green, $30; R.300R, blue, $25; R.400, black, $20. NOVELTY, reduced: Four Star Piano (p.450), $10. Muppets (p.140), $15. Radio USA mic (p.417), $20. Rock Notes notebook, new, $12. Blabber Mouth (p.178), $35. French Phone (p.488), $35. Jon Hall, 39 Spring Oaks Lane, Ruckersville, VA 22968. (# removed). Fax (# removed), 9-11 PM. Best e-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Bulova 620 Comet, reduced to $75. Boy's Radios: Acme, red, $45. Sceptre, creme, $35. Angel, red, $40. Coronet, red and white, $40. Coronet, blue & white, $40. Top Flight, $45. Tama-Tone, NIB, $40. Gary Willoughby, 5930 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016. (# removed). Fax (# removed).

FOR SALE: Regency TR-1, pearlescent blue, best offer. Zephyr ZR-930, red, $375. Sylvania Thunderbird, $200. Penney's 6TP-243, red/white, $150. Mitsubishi 6X-300, blue, $200. Jaguar 6T-250, black, $200. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

FOR TRADE: Sony tape recorder model 111 (coral & white), with instruction manual and cool zipper carrying bag that says "Sony Tokyo Japan" on the front. Will trade for a nice Sony transistor. Glenn Carlo, 5440 N.E. 22 Terrace #9, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Admiral 708, $10. Arvin 61R39, $35. Aurora (MIJ pg 43), $35. Aurora xtal set (NIB), $55. Channel Master 6516, $37. Columbia PR-793, $40. Emerson 888 Explorer, $40. Emerson 707, $40. Futura e/p-only, $60. GE P711C, $20. GE P746A, $20. Global GR-201, $100. Global GR-900, $95. Hitachi 666, $55. Holiday (Olympic 771), $35. Marvel 6YR-15, $45. Motorola 66T1, $100. Motorola X-21, $45. Motorola X-23, $20. Spica ST-600, $25. Nobility (table), $7. Packard Bell (Gilligans), $15. Philco T-7, $45. Philco T-60, $30. Silvertone 2209 (mint), $35. Silvertone 8204, $35. Silvertone 9204, $35. Silvertone 1205, $7. Federal Micro, $6. Standard SRH-505, $20. Switchit novelty, $10. Toshiba 7TP-30 (NIB), $100. Toshiba 6TP-354, $35. Trancel 6TP-243, $35. Universal PTR-62, $17. Hamilton YT-161, $10. GE P9001, $15. Channel Master Micro 6564, $6. Zenith 500, 7XT40, hand wired, $55. Bulova 680 (mint), $35. Bulova 620, $60. WANTED: Remco transistor radio/braodcaster, blue GE P830A, Kowa KT-31, Arvin 8576, Superex TR-66, Continental TR-100 & TR-208, Toshiba 3TP-315Y, Lark TR-105 & TR-107, Candle TR-2. Paul Steingel, 2153 - 10th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119-2844. Phone (# removed).


Exhibit in the Main Hall
Newton Free Library
330 Homer Street
Newton, MA 01259
(# removed)
January 3-31, 1997

Contact: Jon Golden at (# removed)(email removed)

Newton MA resident Jonathan S. Golden will display his collection of early fancy transistor radios, defining unusual industrial and electronic design of the 1954-1963 period. At that time, with the advent of the tiny transistor replacing larger tubes, radio manufacturers played off the American Dream, offering consumers ultimate freedom and convenience to tune in and listen, any time, any place. The turn of a tiny dial gave the listener access to the AM airwaves filled with sports, music, adventure, and talk show dogma and jingoism of the Cold War era. To catch the American consumer's eye, manufacturers spared no cost in design, using brilliant colored plastics, molded and blended with shiny metals, then finished with intricate logos and screenings that defined the post-deco, space-age/atomic-age styles and sensibilities. For more than an eyeful of these early miniature earfuls....see "Fabulous and Fantastic Transistor Radios" in the main hall of the Newton Free Library.

Upcoming Radio Meets

January 18, Nashua, NH. New England Antique Radio Club Swap Meet. For more information call the NEARC 24-hour info line (# removed)

February 23, Westford, MA. Greater Boston Radio Collectors - Radio XXVIII. For more information contact Lisa Friedrichs (# removed).

July 11-13, Lansing, MI. Michigan Antique Radio Club Extravaganza. For more information e-mail (email removed)

August 6-9, Elgin, IL. Antique Radio Club of Illinois Radiofest '97. For more information contact Jeff Aulik, 1708 Parkview Avenue, Rockford, IL 61107. (# removed) evenings.