July 1997

In this issue:

Oriental 2-Transistor Radio

This Oriental radio has to be one of the most beautiful and sophisticated 2-transistor radios ever made. The case is made of the usual plastic material but it is painted with a beautiful shade of mustard-colored lacquer. On the front is a hand painted peacock complete with gold highlights and five inlaid mother-of-pearl accents in its tail. There are two red enameled badges - one with the wording “Oriental” and one with “All Transistor.” The two control knobs are recessed and the tuning knob has reverse painted station numbers. The back of the set has the wording “2-Transistor, 2-Diodes, Made in Japan.” Last but not least, it has a delicate goldtone swing handle. A truly beautiful transistor radio!


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FOR SALE: Holiday 9V transistor radio, green pea color, excellent working condition, $2.99. Lafayette TR1948, 9 transistor, blue, leather case, all in like new working condition, $59. Motorola X50NS, 6V, with 6V power supply, works good. Panasonic Panapet R-70, unbroken, in excellent working condition, white. Panasonic Toot-A-Loop R-72, in excellent unbroken working condition. RCA RHM49E, 4 band, black, cabinet excellent. Realtone 1645, mini pocket radio, like new in box, blue, leather case, not working, $49.50. Realtone yo-yo shape, works, $15. Sanyo 8S-P21, 6V, red/white, gold and silver metal face with red and black detail, detachable antenna included, excellent working condition. Sony TR-1819, 6tr, cube shaped, spun silver gold tone face, wood grain body, meant to hang on wall or lay on desk top, very good working condition, $49. Suntone 8T2-820, black with gold metal grille, clear plastic cover, unique face, red, green and white, leather case, earphone and antenna, very good condition, Japan, $79. Sylvania TH20, excellent cabinet, very good working set, $19.95. See these and hundreds of other radios and interesting old electronic in huge photo list. Send $1.50 plus a $.55 SASE to: Radio Ranch, 10745-255th St. NE, Belgrade, MN 56312

FOR SALE: B&K transistor radio analyst model 960 with copy of manual and schematic, $65. Trancel TR80, red, 2 hairlines, with case, $95. Philco T7-126, ivory, $65. Pakette crystal radio, $125. Rocket crystal radio, red, with box, $125. Regency TR5-C, tan, vg, $55; TR5-C, p, $20; TR6, black, handle broken, vg, $55; TR6, tan, p, $20. Emerson 888s: Explorer: white, g, $95; red, g, $95; red chipped Vanguard back, $45; black, chipped, f, $65; turquoise, bad grill, $45. Pioneer: red, vg, $75; turquoise, chip, f, $35; black, crack, f, $35; black, f, needs cleaning, chip, $55; black, p, rust mildew, case good, $25; grey, b, broken case, $20. No Name, white, crack, battery leakage, $20. Vanguard, black, vg, $95; (2) black, cracks, $40; (3) white, small cracks, $35; red, small cracks, $65; turquoise, small cracks, $65. 988 Rambler, turquoise, chip, $35; white, vg, $65; white, chip, 9v conv, $25; black, chip, $25. 911 Eldorado, black, crack, $20; red, crack, $20. 977 Falcon, black, vg, leather case, $35. Zenith Royal 500, 7ZT40Z1, (3), black, f, $35. Royal 500 Deluxe, 8AT40Z2, black, $55. Royal 500D (2), 8AT40Z, black, crack, f, $35; maroon, scratched, $45. Royal 500E, 8CT40Z2, reddish/orange & white, p, $20; black, f, $35. Royal 500E-1, 8KT40Z2, actually model R500YE1, f, $45. Royal 275Y, 7CT40Z2, $25; 7CT40Z7, corroded, $10; both black/white. Royal 400J, 7GT40Z2, chip, $10. Super-Eighty 8 transistor, similar to Royal 500, white, chipped, made in USA, $20. Minivox RR-34B clock radio, with case, p, $25. NOVELTIES: Teacher's Highland Cream, vg, works, $65. Tom Murray, 3177 Latta Road #409, Rochester, NY 14612. Phone/fax (# removed). E-Mail: (email removed)

MESSAGE: Will the vendor who was st up on the motel side at the May 17th Golden Valley, MN radio meet and had a GE transistor portable P780E, please write me. Write don't phone. Mike Hanke, 1036 So. 15th Ave., Wausau, WI 54401.

SERVICES: Keep this ad handy for future use! I can repair your favorite AM transistor radio to play like it did when it was new. Twenty seven years experience in radio repair. Minimum $20, maximum $35 plus shipping. If unable to be repaired, radios will be sent back prepaid. Randy Hartge, 6612 North 90th Street, Omaha, NE 68122. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Early Sony transistor radios 1955-1963. I'm also interested in advertisements, leaflets, and service manuals, original or copy. Henry Bohlman, Birkenstieg 21, 22359 Hamburg, Germany. Phone (# removed), fax (# removed).

MESSAGE: I will be attending the Radiofest XVI in Elgin, IL on August 6,7,8,9. Please stop me and say hello and also bring your transistor radios and crystal sets for me to buy. I will also bring some transistor radios so that I can buy sell or trade. See you there. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main St., Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) please call after PM Eastern time. Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Kobe Kogyo KT-41, see TN cover June 1995, in working order with no chips or cracks. Bob Keenan, 12 Davis Terrace, Peabody, MA 01960. (# removed). Please leave message.

MESSAGE: Visit my novelty radio website at www.geocities.com/eureka/8761. Gary Arnold, 615 Oak St., Marion, NC 28752.

WANTED: Following portables in excellent condition both cosmetically and playing: 1960 GE P780E, brown color; 1959 Philco T-9, multiband portable; and Airline 621258. Write don't phone. Mike Hanke, 1036 So. 15th Ave., Wausau, WI 54401.

FOR SALE: Sony Earth Orbiter CRF-5100, very nice, asking $200. Charles Vesser, 1929 Plumb-Branch Rd., Knoxville, TN 37932. (# removed) after 6PM EST. E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Buy, sell, trade wire and tape xsistor recorders, 3 inch, 2 inch, 1 inch, reel/mics, toy mics, crystal, dynamic or ribbon. Jon Golden, Box 205, Waban, MA 02168. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

MESSAGE: Radio-O-Rama has a new look and new radios. Check it out at www.worldwidewatches.com. Mike Stute, 2140 Sequoyah Way, Carrollton, TX 75006. (# removed).

WANTED: Transistor radio collections. Will buy one or 1000. Need not be working. Prefer high end sets. Regular transistors or novelties. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8PM EST. Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Bright red Zephyr AR600, nice but 2 small chips, $150. Toshiba 7TP303 radio with matching speaker box, $250. Continental TR682, white, pretty reverse paint, $95. Zenith Royal 500H, 2 tone gray, $90. Global GR711, gray, hairline, $75. Global GR900, black, hairline, $95. Gorgeous red reverse painted Commodore, $65. Linmark T80 parts set, $20. Box lot of 6 transistor radios, some parts sets, some OK, Arvin checkmark, Commodore, Panorama, Hylite, Peerless, RCA, also a small box of transistor radio owners manuals, leather cases, and some misc. pieces, all for $50. Brand new copies of Roger Handy's Made In Japan book, loaded with sharp color pictures of rare Japanese pocket transistor radios. Long out of print, you won't find these books elsewhere. $35 each or 2/$65. WANTED: Toshiba 8TP90, any other high end transistor radios. More transistor radios for sale on my web page. http://members.aol.com/dmradios/index.html Donald M. Maurer, 29 South 4th St., Lebanon, PA 17042. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE/TRADE: Perfect new in the box Sinclair Gas Pump, B 283B, $60 plus UPS. Perfect new Santa Maria, B 55, $70 plus UPS. Will trade for nice novelties. Paul Fulton, 711 Jacquelyn Rd., Westwood, NJ 07675. (# removed).

FOR SALE: GE P-825A, green, AM, CD marks, strong reception. Snap out wire chrome stand is missing. Includes well thumbed leather case. Make an offer. E-mail responses preferred. Nelson Graber, 6834 Cameo Ave., Portage, MI 49002. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Panasonic R-8, TSM 42, 1964, 6 tr,3AA, earphone jack, black & silver, horizontal slide rule dial, works good, jewelry/cigarette storage under top lid, $12 firm ppd. Jim Farago, 4017-42nd Ave. So., Mpls, MN 55406-3528. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Toshibas, new in cellophane, never opened: 6TP309A, black $275; white, $300; TR193 lace, blue, $850. NIB Midlands: 10 transistor 10-407, AM/Police, $25; 10 transistor 10-430, AM/FM, $20. NIB GE P790, black and white, $55. Bill Overbeck, 29 Campbell Ave., Havertown, PA 19083. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Coffee Cup and Saucer, $30. Oreo Cookie, $15. Jeans Pants, in box, $20. Getty Gas Pump, $30. Ethyl Gas Pump, not working, $5. Atlas Battery, $30. Delco Battery, $30. Alarm Clock radio, $30. Carter Peanut, $30. Small Super Jet Plane, in box, $40. Tennis Ball, $20. Tropicana Orange, $5. Cannon Japanese, $30. Mortar type Cannon, Japanese, $30. Sexy Linda Doll, red nighty, $50. Armillary Sphere, NIB, pl 235, $40. Plus postage. Lloyd Nesbitt, 2840 Alabama St., La Crescenta, CA 91214. (# removed) after 5:30 Pacific Time. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Rare Kokeshi wooden Japanese doll crystal radio. Radio looks like authentic ancient Japanese doll. NIB with all papers. Best offer. Toshiba 5TP394, NIB, $215. Marconi transistor radios made by Emerson and Toshiba. Very early and beautiful Commodore transistor radios made in Czechoslovakia at the Tesla plant. All components are Tesla stamped. I have two colors, green and blue. A.R. Nolf, 539 Kastelic Place, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7N 3S9. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Global GR-711, perfect in box, red, accessories, $250. Marvel 6YR-19, white, diamond version, very small set, in presentation box, 2 small corner chips, $85. Viscount 6TP-102, MIB, black, $225. Sony TR-63, black, repaired side chip, $400. WANTED: Global, Tom Thumb, and other interesting pocket tube radios. David Mednick, 25 Jefferson St. #7-B, Hackensack, NJ 07601. (# removed).

FOR SALE: New book features 67 of the all time greatest shirt pocket transistor radios NOT made in Japan. Great American designs from Philco, Superex, Admiral, Bell Products, Regency, Motorola, Silvertone, Zenith, and lots more. Many shown life size or larger, and all in full color. Seen all together, the variety and styling of these little American shirt pockets will surprise you. With model numbers, dates, notes, height measurements, and current prices. $19.95 includes postage. A really fun book. Eric Wrobbel, Dept. T, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: Novelties: 1963 Cadillac, NIB, B pl 13, $25. 1864 Locomotive, vg, B pl 34, $30. Mark Twain, vg, B pl 41, $45. Barbie Stereo System, vg, B pl 70, $40. Huckleberry Hound, vg, B pl 99, $47. Marshmallow Man, NOC, B pl 105, $25. Mickey in Armchair, NIB, B pl 117, $25. Big Bird with cathedral radio, NIB, B pl 142, $35. Blabber Mouth, NIB, B pl 178, $35. Chatter radio, NIB, B pl 180, $25. Heinz Ketchup Bottle, vg, B pl 328, $50. Jewelry Box with gun on lid similar to B&B 310, $35. Plus shipping. Dan Sipola, 2840 Copeland Rd., Maple Plain, MN 55359. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)


: Golden Shield 7109, Japan, Bunis pg 110, ex, $35. Realtone 1843, Japan, Bunis pg 227, ex, leather carrying case, $35. Startone CTR701, Japan, Bunis pg 267, ex, leather carrying case, $150. Shipping included in prices of above radios. Any information on Beach Boy AM/FM 60s radio, mint in box, greatly appreciated. Thomas A. Tamberelli, 106 Carpenter St., Muncy, PA 17756-1332. (# removed).

WANTED: Juliette transistor radios, all years and models, Japan or Hong Kong. Pocket size. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Standard SRG-204, long distance, blue, excellent, $100. Philco T-9 Trans World, $85. Silver 6TR-100, Shirasuna Denki Mfg.Co.Ltd. $90. Sal Volpini, 178 Cecil St., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Philco Safari portable TV. Non workers preferred. Tel/fax +(0) 1273 701650. E-mail: (email removed)
WANTED: Bone Fone radio, circa late 1970s. Worn around neck like scarf. Blue fabric "bone" contained radio. Great sound, AM/FM stereo. Want exellent condition, two would be great. Also any specs, documentation. Vincent Caruso, c/o SW Networks, 1370 Ave. of Americas, NY, NY 10019. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Channel Master 6506, red/chrome, with original box and in excellent condition, $55. Emerson 888 Pioneer, blue, very good, $50. Global GR-711, ivory, no chips/cracks, excellent, $80. Kobe Kogyo KT-63, very cool salmon and blue, $40. Motorola 56T1, with leather case, very good, $85. Trav-ler TR287-B, ivory/red, very good, $50. Universal PTR-62B, with original box and battery eliminator, excellent, $35. Zenith 500E, black, very good, $35. Champion Boy's Radio, ivory/red, excellent, $40. Holiday Boy's Radio, red, slight wear on grill, otherwise excellent, $40. Harlie Boy's Radio, blue, excellent, $50. Anne Laughlin, 5235 N. Ravenswood #5, Chicago, IL 60640. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Unique AM/FM mic radio, NIB, $50. Ed Crockett, 128 Buccaneer Dr., Hattiesburg, MS 39402. (# removed). Fax (# removed).

WANTED: Have the need for MJE 5742 Darlington transistor. Exact substitution could be used. I have no idea of who manufactures this chip. No one in my area can supply any information. If anyone can help, my hat is off to you. Thanks. Doug Cranston, 4618 Adenmoor, Lakewood, CA 90713. (# removed). Recorder e-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: NOS NIB Toy crystal radio. Minilabs, 1991, mfg China, #2012. Has coil, slide tuner like antique except plastic not wood, crystal earphone, glass enclosed crystal diode like rocket radios have, instructions. Partially assembled, complete, nice color graphics on original box. $15 ppd USA, 48. Foreign orders plus postage. Jim Farago, 4017-42nd Ave. So., Mpls, MN 55406-3528. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE/OFFERS: Crestline, vg, in box, leather case, $35. Realistic 90LX661, multiband, ex, $15. NOVELTIES: Mark Twain Riverboat, B pl 41, ex, $50. Wristwatch, B pl 493, ex, $50. Fada Bullet reproduction, AM/FM, clock, MIB, $45. Joe Camel raft radio, full size floating raft with built in radio, Camel cigarette promo, MIB, $85. Football Helmet radio, red/white with S on side, ex, $45. Oakland Raiders Football Helmet, ex, $50. Coke radio with flashing red icon on top, wood base, MIB, $50. Full size Coke Cooler, B&B pl 215, MIB, $100. New Limited Edition Pepsi Cathedral radio, Pepsi logo embroidered into grill, MIB, $50. Lady Bug, B pl 199, NIB, $40. Spirit of St. Louis repro large 1946 Wurlitzer jukebox, MIB, $45. Mickey Mouse, B pl 109, MBC, good, $15. Annie & Sandy, B pl 67, very rare, ex, $45. Computer radio, looks like PC, MIB, $15. Cadillac, B pl 13, MIB, $50. Fleetwood Spaceball, like Weltron 2001, just a different name on face, very 70s, large round white AM/FM/stereo/8 track, works good, ex, $125. Coke Mini Cooler, B&B 216, MIB, $40. Baseball, ex, $15. Barbie in convertible, AM/FM, coral/blue, MIB, $50. Exxon Uniflow, ex, B pl 26, $60. _57 Chevy Rear End, B&B 551, pink, MIB, $75. Football Player, ex, B&B 525, $40. Pound Puppy, B pl 130, ex, $15. Tropicana Orange, MIB, $15. Havoline Oil Can, B&B 30, MIB, $35. Hamburger Helper, B pl 284, ex, $40. Bookcase, B pl 463, ex, $25. Tire, B&B 587, not working, ex, NIB, $45. Coor's Can, B pl 342, ex, $25. Love is...For Us, B pl 205, rare, ex, $45. Pet Milk, B pl 374, NIB, $30. Welch's Grape Juice Can, B pl 354, ex, $30. Mickey & Minnie Music City, B pl 121, missing sign, otherwise NIB, $10. Power Ranger Head, AM/FM, ex, $10. MIB units, 4 different styles, similar to B&B 452 & 453, different colors, $20 each or 2 for $35. Robot I-R-1-2, B pl 244, MBC, good, works, $20. Papermate Desk Set, NIB, no pen/opener, $25. Knight's Helmet, B pl 507, good, $10. 1912 Simplex, B pl 2, MIB, $40. Rest Room radio, B pl 496, GIB, $5. French Telephone, B pl 488, $15. Polaroid AM/FM Film, B pl 179, $10. Raggedy Ann/Andy, B pl 131, MBC, $5. Jukebox, B pl 411, ex, $20. Looking for: Breed pl 460 Outboard Motor; IR4U Robot, B pl 252; Spiderman Head, B pl 161; Batman, B&B 353; Mighty Mouse on Cheese, B&B 387; Lunalit, B&B 612. All plus ship/handle, MC, Visa, AMEX accepted by phone. Days 10am till 6pm EST. Dan Phelan, Consolidated Electronics, 2709 Chili Ave., Rochester, NY 14624. Phone (71) 247-2540, fax 247-2314. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Silvertone 2208 Medalist, w/case, $20. GE P946B, white, w/case, $5. GE P807C & P807B, white, both for $10. Hitachi WH-822H, w/case, works, $25. Sony TR-624, two, missing all but one battery cover, both for $45. Continental TR-682, case, works, $90. Sylvania 8P18-1, $35. RCA 1-TP-1JE, case, $20. Westinghouse H770P7A, $10. Sony TR-610, ivory, works, $100. Hilton TR6A7, in box, $25. Candle 10TR, model unknown, vertical, yellow, case, $40. Universal PTR-62B, 2, 1 in box, 1 with case, both for $30. GE P725B, $15. Zenith Royal 50, 2, 1 radio charcoal/ivory, chipped, works, 1 radio black, works and 1 Converta speaker box, charcoal, chipped, all for $75. Candle PTR-85C, case, $40. RCA 3RH21G, case, $15. Bulova 672, missing rhinestone, $25. Airline GEN1127A, red, vertical 6 tr, $25. Boy's Radio, nameplate missing, chipped, $20. Queen Boy's Radio, red/white, works, $60. Standard Micronic Ruby SR-H55, does not work, $40. Lloyds 6K87B, $35. Westinghouse Escort, works, $75. GE P-746A, $20. Sylvania 4P19W, $20. Emerson 888, chipped, $35. XAM Mark VIII, in box, $7. NOVELTIES: Sound Center, B 409, $15. Telephone, B 488, $50. Care Bear Cousin, B 77, $10. Polaroid 600 Plus, 2, B&B 191, 1 with small dent on front, both for $30. Kermit the Frog, B 101, $60. Salem, B&B 202, $25. Woolite, B 321, yellowed, $45. Pound Puppy, B 130, $10. Cabbage Patch Boy, B 81, $20. Owl, B 219, $60. World Timer, B&B 618, $35. Sesame Street Big Bird on nest, B 145, $25. Cathedral, B&B 458, $25. Melody Coins Bank, B 465, $10. Transformer Freedom Fighter, B 241, $50. Holly Hobbie, B 94, MBC, $15. 2 earphone type, AM only, w/belt clip, ASU, Phoenix, AZ, radio station and Nisson dealer promo, one in box, both for $25. Statue of Liberty, B 227, in box, $75. Coke Bottle, B 325, in original styrofoam, $35. Gumby, B 92, in box, $150. Blabber Mouse, B 179, $25. Big Bird w/radio, B 142, $35. Hamburger Helper, 2, B 284, 1 yellowed, both noses have paint missing, and one Hambuger Helper clock, all 3 for $75. Champion Spark Plug, B 314, 2, one missing top insulator, both for $75. Joe Beckley, 210 N. Atlantic Ave., Southport, NC 28461. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Standard Radio collection. Over 40 different Standards including 12 Micro variations, some small tube portables, even some as new in the box sets. All are cleaned, polished, and in working order. Send SASE for list. Will bring to Elgin. Make me an offer! Karl Ayer, P.O. Box 665, Thiensville, WI 53092.

FOR SALE: Four parts Boy's Radios. Chase like Deluxe, red, horiz, missing back, not playing. 4 Star, B2 pg 69, green, plays. Sceptre, vert, black, plays. Angel, small vert, blk/gold grill. All for $30 includes shipping. Charles Sandes, 288-28th Street, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed) before 8pm PT.

FOR SALE: Harlie 6tr M-FN666, w/bx, NC/C, @9, $20. Silvertone M-1206, ice blue, w/case, @9, $25. Summit Hi Fi, 6tr, Ryukyo, yellow/chrome, w/case, @9, $15. Trancel M-T-11, CDs, w/case, @9. Panasonic T-50, 6v, no c/c, w/case, @9, $25. Imperial Ross M-91, A/FM, A/O, ant & case, @9, $20. Bernie Samek, 113 Old Palmer Road, Brimfield, MA 01010. (# removed). fx 0441.

FOR SALE: Ambassador, $10. Airline GEN1231A, B 29, $10. Arvins: 62R48, see B 42, $10; 62R49, B 42, $15. Channel Masters: 6500, B 59, $10; 6505, B 60, $15; 6505A, B 47, $20; 6524, B62, $10; 6543, AM/SW, $20; 6562, B 63, $10; 6506, B 60, $20; 6828, clean, $10. Continental TR801, B 69, $30. GEs: P740A, B 93, $10; P790B, B 95, $20; P800A, B 96, $20; P811A, B 98, $10; P1721C, $10; P1844B, $10. Hitachi KH934, $15. Oldstyle Nobility portable, $10. Philco T81GP, B 264, $20. RCAs: 8-BT-8JE, B 219, $40; 4RG26, B 217, $15. Realistics: Auto portable, $15; 12-626, AM/AIR, $10. Realtone 2207, 2259, $10 each. Ross Supreme 10 tr., $10. Sharp 1222D, $10. Silvertones: 3205, B 242, $15; 7300, $10; 9202, gray, B 251, $25. Sonys: TR1819, B 260, $20; TR4100, B 260, $2;. TR1835, $15. Toshibas: 6P15, B 277, $25; 7TH5T3, $10; RH5025, $10. Truetone DC3408, B 285, $15. Wendall West CR18, B 299, $20. Westinghouses: H707P6GP8, $15; H732P7, B 303, $15; H970X, $15. Zenith Royal 500H Tutone gray, case, B 313, $100. Also have Bulova 680, $30. Americana FP10, $25. Emerson Noname 888, 75. NOVELTIES: All are displayed in Breed or Bunis Breed: Blabber Mouse, $10. Care Bears, $10. Spirit of 1776, $35. Elvis, $20 & $30. French Phone, MIJ, $30. Big Bird, $10. Picture Cube, $10. Grammyphone 8 replica, $15. Lady Bug, $20. 1928 Lincoln, $10. Polaroid, $10. Porche Racer, $20. Avon SSS, $10. Sinclair Dino Pump, $25. Pound Puppy, $10. Rolls Royce, MIJ, $20. World Globe, B 52, $45. Have several reel to reel recorders. All prices plus shipping. H.B. McMahan, 313 W. Shaw, Tyler, TX 75701-3029. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Truetone DC3718, micro, chrome/green, $15. Airline GEN1146A, reverse paint, palm size, $15. Ross micro white/gold, $10. Philco T45-124, coatpocket, pink/white, $20. Motorola X16G, 2 tone green, $20. Mayfair, w/c, cream/gold metal front, cute, $15. Zenith Royal 200, $15. GE P850, white, metal front, $20. Universal PTR-62B, white & gold, metal front, $15. GE P785, $8. GE 678, green, plastic is dull like faded, $80. RCA 3-RG-33, red, $15. Zenith 50L with half round lower dial, red with metal perforated front, w/c, $20. RCA 4RG51, $10. Emerson Explorer, white, slight blemish, looks great, $25. Westinghouse H612P5, w/c, $35. All radios untested. For display only. Add $3.50 for shipping each radio. Jim Martes, 15400 E. 2nd St. S., Indep., MO 64050. (# removed).

FOR SALE: NOVELTIES: 5 Jukebox, B 411, 4 NIB, all for $75. Telephone, B 488, $50. Breed 493, large Wrist Watch, $60. Breed 497, Little John, $10. Breed 419, Grammy Phone 8, same except white with floral design, $40. Breed 178, Blabber Mouth, BCM, $15. Breed 426, Grand Piano, $30. Gillette Right Guard Cube, similar to BB 324 except Right Guard on all sides, $30. BB 459 & 461 radio, NIB, both for $25. UPS extra. Victor Marett, 3201 N.W. 18 St., Miami, FL 33125. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Panasonic Tom Thumb RF-90, pg 192 Bunis 2. Panasonic R-8 in different colors, vg to ex and junkers for parts. Will Kerbo, RR2 Box 141-A, Mangum, OK 73554. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Transistor radio photo guides. Each guide packed with photos of all known collectible models of each brand. With model numbers and notes. GLOBAL/ZEPHYR guide shows all 32 of these great radios. STANDARD guide shows all 50 of the Standards including all 13 Micronic Rubys. REALTONE guide has 59 models, TOSHIBA has 61, SONY guide has 94. Guides include rare models not shown anywhere else. REGENCY booklet tells all about the first transistor radio and related models TR-1, TR-1G, TR-4, Bulova 250, Mitchell, Mantola, and discusses colors, variation, date codes, rarities, and trivia. Lots of info and pictures. Regency booklet is $10, all others are $7 each. Prices include postage. Eric Wrobbel, Dept. T, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

WANTED: Bob's Big Boy Restaurant transistor radio. Looks like a soda can with Big Boy graphics. Must be in good condition. Please send picture, price to: Steve Soelberg, 29126 Laro Drive, Agoura Hills, CA 91301. (# removed). I will also pay a finders fee.

FOR SALE/TRADE: For your reel to reel recorders and mics. Raytheon T-100, gray/ivory, leather case, nice condition. Lafayette FS-235, w/leather case, black, hairline on bottom, ding in grille but restorable. Toshiba 6TP-314A, yes the A, gray, leather case, repaired chip, hairlines. Star-Lite TRN-22, "Toy Radio," not "Boy's Radio." Jon Golden, Box 205, Waban, MA 02168. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

SERVICES: Crack repair, worn or missing lettering restored exactly like original. Reproduction trim parts for transistor radios including badges, nameplates, flat dials. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

WANTED: GMK Boy's Radio pictured in Bunis 2 pg 109, must be in vg condition and work , must be green, need not be the GMK just resemble it. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main St., Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed). Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Transistor Books: Collectors Guide To Transistor Radios, Second Edition, $16.95 (Canada add $3 shipping, US add $2 shipping). Collectors Guide to Novelty Radios, $18.95 (Canada add $4 shipping, US add $3 shippig) Collecting Transistor Novelty Radios, 1994 Price Update, $4.95. Available from: Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed), before 8 PM EST. Fax (# removed), anytime. E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Bulova 620 Comet in turquoise. Arvin 61R13 in red and green. Sony TR-63 in red, TR86 in red, TR-610 and TR-510. Realtone TR-1088. Global GR-900, GR-711. Zephyr AR-600. Philips L1X75T. Any German transistor radios or 4 tube sets or hybrids. Toy crystal radios. Also looking for brochures, flyers, folders and any advertising on early transistor radios. Early German transistor type recorders. Sinclair mini-TV set from around 1971. White Regency TR-1 for display purposes. And I'm looking for the early transistors as components, especially point-contact transistors. Have German swaps on all items. Rudi Herzog, P.O. Box 140 108, 30959 Hemmingen, Germany. Phone: (# removed). Fax: (# removed).

FOR SALE: My book on Zenith Royal 500 Owl Eyes radios is still available. It has gone to 18 states and England and Australia. Many well satisfied collectors are saying great things about this little book. Send $10 for your copy. Eldon A. Horton, 8187 LaHabra Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46236.

FOR SALE: RCA RZD32B travel alarm clock/AM radio. Horizontal cabinet slides open from the middle to expose the wind up clock which has a 60 minute sleep setting and the alarm can be set to wake you up by either the bell or by radio. Sand color plastic cabinet. Like new with original box and instructions. $50 plus UPS. Gary Redfield, 214 Bailey Road, Crystal City, MO 63019. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE/TRADE: "28 Uses for Junction Transistors," by Sylvania, 1955 first printing, 28 pg. Application notes on the Philco surface barrier transistor, May 1956, 10 pg. Philco surface barrier transistor type SB-100, April 1956. RCA tran. and semiconductor diodes, 1957 circuits, interchange directory etc., 23 pg. Will Kerbo, RR2 Box 141-A, Mangum, OK 73554. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Sony TFM8000W, 6 band, super sensitive, $75. Seminole 1030, 3 band, 10 transistors, green, $20. Standard J808FA, 10 transistor, 3 band, black, black leather case, $35. Browni Highest transistor, ivory, leather case, AM & 2 shortwave bands, tuning meter, CD marks, $40. Shipping extra. Victor Marett, 3201 N.W. 18 Street, Miami, FL 33125. (# removed). E-mail pictures available. (email removed)

FOR SALE: NOVELTIES: All are new in box, never sold, made in Japan. Santa Maria, $65. Golf Cart, $70. Overland Stagecoach, red, $75. TRANSISTORS: Beautiful Zenith Royal 500H, black, with case, works great, $125. Sam Samuelian, 2305 W. Deerfield Dr., Media, PA 19063. (# removed).

FOR SALE: New guide features over 70 toy crystal radios beautifully photographed in full color. Rockets, tiny table models, pocket models, and novelties from 1929 to 1966. With model numbers, notes, and prices. $19.95 includes postage. Eric Wrobbel, Dept. T, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

FOR SALE: No cracks or chips unless noted. Channel Master 6528, red/white, $20. Channel Master 6212, ivory, NIB, $30. GE 677, red, 3/8 inch crack in one corner, $95. Universal PTR-62B, ivory, NIB, $50. Sony 3F-61W, ivory, $20. Sony TR-4100, silver, $25. Oxford 1296, black/white, Japan, CD marks, ex, leather case, $30. Nipco, no model number, black/ ivory, jet plane grille, like Alco p 21 Lane, case, missing nameplate, $75. Silvertone 9205, coral, ex, hairline in one bottom corner, leather case, $75. Westinghouse H798P7, black, oval transistors, kickstand, leather case, $35. Silvertone 2206, gold, leather case, mini size, $20. Zenith Royal 41, ivory, non-solar version of Royal 555, $40. Emerson 888 Pioneer, ivory, 3 hairlines, leather case, $50. Realtone TR-970, black, mint condition, leather case, $70. Coronet Boy's Radio, black/white, reverse painted, ex, in original gold foil box, $75. Gulton Everplay 2836A, 2 tone gray, rechargeable, works, case, $40. Hitachi WH-822H, black, case, $35. Jaguar T2010, black, case, $40. Lloyd's Super Micro TR-98, black, NIB with all accessories, $175. Orion Deluxe, black/white, chip, missing nameplte, $45. Sylvania 4P19W, beige, case, plays, near ex, $30. Toshiba 6TP-354, ivory, several cracks, one tiny chip, vg, $40. Universal PTR-62B, aqua, box, vg+, $40. NOVELTIES: Knight's Head, Japan, works, vg+, $45. 1928 Lincoln model L Convertible, NIB, $20. Russ Abrams, 2330 Villaret Drive S.W., Huntsville, AL 35803. (# removed).

WANTED: Sony TFM-825, AM/FM, pocket set. Braun T3, T4, or T41. Must be vg or better condition. Larry Gilbert, 2602 Amapola Drive, Davis, CA 95616. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Standard Micronic Ruby SR-H436, NIB, with sleeve. Clamshell case, earphone and pouch in separate box, black w/chrome grill and trim, perfect condition, $155. Russ Abrams, 2330 Villaret Drive S.W., Huntsville, AL 35803. (# removed).

WANTED: Chevy Dashboard radio in turquoise. Must be in very good working condition. Other colors considered. With box if possible. Will pay cash or have interesting trades. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main St., Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed). Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Bulova 842, black, $50. Emerson 888 Titan, green, $50. Emerson 808, black, $40. Two Silvertone 4201, red, $30 ea. Silvertone 42081, black, $25. Panasonic R-1326, $30. Panasonic RF-626, $25. Silvertone 6211, $30. Juliette super 8 micro, green, $40. Viscount mini micro 8, red, $25. Tonecrest micro 8, $35. Ross RE-210, $40. Silvertone 1203, mint green, $40. Two Zenith Royal 50s, both are brown, $40 ea. Motorola X15, $30. Motorola X25E, $45. Motorola X23, blue, $40. Realtone 1821, $25. WANTED: Realtone 801 parts set, I have a good case. All above radios plus shipping. Nick Calantonio, #2 Columbia Court, Rockville, MD, 20850. (# removed) after 6PM Eastern time.

WANTED: Zenith Royal 500 owl eye, working. Prefer maroon but not critical. Good condition, will pay fair price. Bob MacNicholl, 1405 Mallard Lane, Roseville, CA 95661. (# removed).

FOR SALE: One transistor, Homer 1T-50, manufactured for the home market by Kyowa, Mfg, Japan, , Kyowa embossed on back where word Japan would normally be, measures 2 5/8 x 2, black w/silver grill, name in red enamel on grill, key ring mount on side, like new in box, box burgundy with gold writing in English & Japanese, earphone turns on/off, plays, $295. Futura Antoine Blanchard picture frame radio, Lane pg 151, 10 x 12, no battery door on back, light water stain upper right front but looks and plays good, $195. Includes shipping. Charles Sandes, 288-28th Street, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed) before 8pm PT.

Please do not send ads for tube sets unless they are part of a transistor-related trade. We reserve the right to edit out any tube sets not following the above guidelines.

: Toy crystal radios, walkie-talkies, pocket size transistor radios. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

SERVICE: Transistor Radio Repair. All major brands. Single band, BC. $30 each plus shipping. All work guaranteed. Steve Short, 1590 Union Street, Schenectady, NY 12309. (# removed).

FOR SALE: WPBR R-A-D-I-O radio, $35. Micro baseball radio, NIB, $10. Hitachi TH-667, green, chips, $40. Emerson 838 hybrid, $65. Sony TR-630, $35. Sony TR-75, $55. Stellar RA-110, reverse paint, $45. Bisbee 1 tr, chips, $45. RCA 8-BT-87J, $55. Realtone TR-8611, black, $55. Arvin 61R19, $30. Channel Master 6546, portable cartridge recorder, $35. Hitachi WH-822, marine, $30. WANTED: Sonata TR-650 transistor name badge. Jon Hall, 39 Spring Oaks Lane, Ruckersville, VA 22968. (# removed), 8:30-10:30 PM. Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Bargains. All play & no chips/cracks unless noted. Continental TR-884, 8tr, small chip bottom, noise, leather case, $10. GE P-1730, sky blue, works but scratchy, $10. Hi-Sonic, small 6tr shirt pocket, brown w/gold grill, leather case, works, $20. Holiday Boy's Radio, white, works, $35. Knox Hi-Fi, 6tr, horiz, rounded upper right corner, black, works, $10. RCA 1-TP-1E, ivory, works, $15. RCA 4RH11, blk/white, works, $10. Silvertone 4208, similar to 3208, leather case, plays, missing tie down screw on back cover, $18. Singer R-610, red/wht, shirt pocket, 6tr, plays, $35. Tracel T-12, small 6tr, black, metal battery door, missing name plate, plays but scratchy, $20. Zenith Royal 16L, vert billfold, ivory, yellow logo, looks like new, complete, only makes noise, $20. Plus shipping. Charles Sandes, 288-28th Street, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed) before 8pm PT.

WANTED: Here is my Wish List of transistors: B&B 55, Charlie Tuna (two); B&B 92, Mountain Dew (not soda can); B&B 93, Napoleon Cognac; B&B 94, Old Crow; B&B 96, Paul Masson; B&B 97, Peachtree Cream; B&B 100, Scotch Seven; B&B 106, Mr. & Mrs. "T"; B&B 156, Camel Cigarettes; B&B 161, Salem Cigarettes; B&B 162, Viceroy Cigarettes; B&B 234, 7-Up Vending Machine; B&B 239, Dr. Pepper Vending Machine; B&B 353, Batman; B&B 356, Bullwinkle; B&B 385, Mickey Mouse; B&B 387, Mighty Mouse on Cheese; B&B 390, Pink Panther; B&B 410, Spiderman; B&B 475, Violin w/Stand; B&B 477, Battlestar Galactica; B&B 482, Spaceman; B&B 483, Starforce Robot; B&B 484, Space Robot; B&B 486, Staroid IM4U; B&B 487, R2D2; B 329, Fleischmann's Gin; B 330, Malibu; B 381, Ice Cream Bar; B 382, Ice Cream Cone; B 387 Enjoy Coke (shirt pocket type); B 388, Coke Machine (small); B 395, "Drink" Coca-Cola. I would like all radios to be working, in very good or better condition, and must have battery covers. Ron Smith, 145 Carr Street, Lakewood, CO 80226. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Atlas Car Battery novelty, Hong Kong, red, NIB, $22. Westinghouse rechargeables: RS21P08A, white, Japan, w/flashlight, cigarette lighter, clock, fold-out plug, $75. RS16P08A, same but black and no lighter, $55. Linmark, Japan, reverse plastic, white/red, tiny hairline, T-66A, $80. Admiral YH371GP, Japan, black, $20. Hitachi, Japan, TH-841, white/black, tiny hairline, $20. Channel Master "Super-Fringe," red, $30. Acme, Japan, CH-610, (parts set?), cracks, $20. Realistic, Japan, Pro-6 scanning, hip-pocket, reverse, model 20-171, $22. Bulova 270, nice, back still attached but snap flaps gone, $30. Zephyr ZR-620, white, crack, $55. Jewel horizontal, model T.S.-10, USA, grey, $20. Viscount 602, Japan, reverse plastic, hairline but displays very well. $75. Emerson 888 Satellite, $100. Greymark Boy's Radio, 2-transistor, 3 chips, $15. All are plus shipping. 10% discount after 8-1-97. Thanks. Lars Roose, 10100 Chapala Court, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111. (# removed), evenings.

WANTED: Plastic cylinder band (station) that turns inside Zenith 7000 American made Trans-Oceanic, chassis # 182T4023. Mine disintegrated when I turned it. Bruce Ralg, 10005 Bay Pines Blvd. #642, St. Petersburg, FL 33708. (# removed).

FOR SALE: All of the following radios are in good condition unless noted and are untested. Realtone TR-970, blk, w/case, ex, B2 pg 225, $50. Zenith Royal 50 with Converta Speaker Box, box has a minute chip, $70. GE C-2450A, micro radio with detachable clock, $25. Viscount 1030, B1 pg 229, $25. White, no model number, ivory & chrome, horizontal, w/case, exact same radio as Delmonico T-806, $50. Delmonico T-806, ivory & chrome, horizontal, small crack by antenna, w/case, $35. RCA 4RG56, like 4RG51 in B1 pg 165, $20. Trav-ler TR-284B, B2 pg 285, $75. Columbia 610R, radio and speaker box, radio has cracks, red & gray, shows very well, $35. Grundig Micro Boy 59, with speaker box, radio has chip, 2 tone gray, $75. Grundig Europa Speaker box with clock, $50. Grundig Majestic Speaker box, like Mini Boy box B1 pg 87, beige, $50. Bulova 672, black, B2 pg 53, $40. GE P-800A, horizontal, ivory, $20. Panasonic T-50, black/ivory, with case, B1 pg 146, $30. Penney's RP-1-124, B2 pg 199, black, $30. Sony 2R-31, ivory, with leather case, ex, $25. Penney's RP-1-124, turquoise, B2 pg 199, $35. RCA 1-BT-36, black/white, B1 pg 161, $30. Bulova 250, leather case model, very rare, B1 pg 40, very good condition. Bulova 250, one white one black, B1 pg 40, very good condition. Airline BR-1100A, ivory and black, B2 pg 26, Raytheon T-100 clone, good condition. Sylvania 3102 Thunderbird, very good condition, B2 pg 270, Marty Bunis, 32 West Main St., Bradford, NH 03221. (# removed), please call before 8PM Eastern time. Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Channel Master 6503, red w/gold reverse, Bunis 1 pg 39, 2 hairlines, $20. GE P831C, Bunis 2 pg 99, god reverse top, nice, $20. Hitachi TH-627R, white, $20. Standard Micronic Ruby, w/chain & medallion, $35. Sceptre 2 transistor, Bunis 1 pg 182, $20. Kowa, unknown model, plain but rare set, $20. Aurora 6tr, white, looks like Sony 610, one hairline, $20. Candle PTR100, case, $20. Global 711, one small chip, $50. Bob Furtado, 23 Garden Road, Alameda, CA 94502. (# removed)

WANTED: Batman AM/FM clock radio, Bunis/Breed plate 353, made by Popworks for DC Comics in 1989. Will take any condition. Will pay cash or have interesting trades. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8 pm EST, fax (# removed) anytime. E-mail: (email removed)


Crystal Radios from the 50s and 60s


Rockets, Airplanes, Pens, Watches, Mini-Table Raidos, Disasteradios, and other unusual styles.

Prefer with box, but will consider just the radio.

Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221.
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Upcoming Radio Meets

July 11-13, Lansing, MI. Michigan Antique Radio Club Extravaganza. For more information e-mail (email removed)

August 6-9, Elgin, IL. Antique Radio Club of Illinois Radiofest '97. For more information contact Jeff Aulik, 1708 Parkview Avenue, Rockford, IL 61107. (# removed) evenings.

August 9, Amherst, NY. NFWA/AWA annual radio meet. For more information contact Larry Babcock (# removed).

September 3-6, Rochester, NY. AWA Annual Conference. For more information contact Bruce Roloson (# removed).