January 1997

In this issue:

Jupiter 6T-250

The Jupiter 6T-250 is a beautiful example of why Japanese reverse plastic sets are so popular with transistor collectors. The radio shown above has a cream-colored case with nicely tailored wraparound louvers. The upper reverse panel has a white background highlighted with gold decorative trim around the dial area. The large thumbwheel tuning knob is easily accessible from the top of the case, and the dial numbers are large and easy to read, complete with CD triangles. The left side on/off/volume thumbwheel is red plastic, and the volume markings show through the oblong "Volume" window on the front.


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FOR SALE: Bulova 620 Comet, green, $55. Hitachi 666, white, $55. Supreme Deluxe (MIJ page 43), blue/white, $45. Admiral Y2303, USA, white vest pocket, $15. Motorola 66T1, $100. Philco T-60, white, $30. Silvertone 2209, black like new with case, $35. Silvertone 8204, salmon, $35. Silvertone 9204, gray, $35. Universal PTR-62, black, $15. WANTED: Philmore TR-12. Toshiba 3TP-315Y. Candle TR-2. Arvin 8576. Lark TR-105. Lark TR-107. Kowa KT-31. Superex TR-66. Continental TR-100 and TR-208. G.E. P831A (blue). Paul Steingel, 2153-10th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119-2844. (# removed).

FOR SALE OR TRADE: Emerson 888 Vanguard, turquoise, no chips or cracks, nice, $85. Toshiba 10TL-429F, gray, excellent condition, $40. Jewel TR-1, all leather, excellent condition, $35. Airline GEN-1112A, all leather, excellent condition, $35. Glenn Carlo, 5440 N.E. 22 Terrace, #9, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Unassembled Archer kit 28-4029, $20. Channel Master 6506, w/case, $20. Sampson SC4000, $40. Sharp BP110, $12. Westinghouse "Escort," in box, with extra parts set, $85. Westinghouse H588P7, $60. Zenith Royal 250, $20. Zenith all transistor Transoceanic, first solid state model, genuine leather inserts, rough and not working but more than a parts set, rare, $70. Zenith R13B, lime green, $12. Toshiba 7TH425, ivory, wall radio, $165. Shipping extra. Novelty list available. Victor Marett, 3201 N.W. 18 Street, Miami, FL 33125. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: GE P-745A, horizontal, black, clear round tune dial cracked, plays weakly, $12. GE P-808A, horizontal, ivory, pull up handle, looks/plays like new, one of the best I've ever offered, with battery, $35. Motorola X-19E, vertical, black, coat pocket, slide rule dial, battery indicator, no chips or cracks, leather handle, kick stand swings out at bottom, normal wear, plays, $20. RCA 4-RG-16, vertical, brown/white, coat pocket, swing handle, looks & plays like new, $38. Zenith collection: Zenith Royal 50, vertical, ivory, shirt pocket, no cracks or chips, fair condition, plays, $12. Zenith Royal 150, vertical, beige, small coat pocket, kickstand, clear round tune dial cracked, $12. Zenith Royal 400, vertical, brown & tan, coat pocket, swing handle, leather case, 1 chip/crack, plays, $12. Zenith Royal 500D, vertical, black owl eye, coat pocket, swing handle, leather case, a beauty, plays, $65. Plus shipping. Charles Sandes, 288-28th Street, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed) before 8pm PT.

SERVICES: Keep this ad handy for future use! I can repair your favorite AM transistor radio to play like it did when it was new. Twenty six years experience in radio repair. Minimum $20, maximum $35 plus shipping. If unable to be repaired, radios will be sent back prepaid. Randy Hartge, 6612 North 90th Street, Omaha, NE 68122. (# removed).

WANTED: I need a volume control knob, a tone control knob, and a fold down front with the world map for a Zenith 1000-D Trans-Oceanic. Also would anyone have a Regency TR-1, TR-1G, or TR-4 in the low price range even if it is in poor condition. TRADE: I have a Sony TR-609 in very good condition, will trade for a Mitsubishi, Bulova, Motorola, Regency or something else interesting. Edward P. D'Entremont, P.O. Box 163, West Pubnico, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada B0W 3S0. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Transistor Radio Photo Guides. Each guide packed with photos of all known collectible models of each brand. With model numbers and notes. GLOBAL/ZEPHYR Guide shows all 32 of these great radios. STANDARD Guide shows all 50 of the Standards including all 13 Micronic Rubys. REALTONE Guide has 59 models. TOSHIBA Guide has 61. SONY Guide has 94. Guides include rare models not shown anywhere else. REGENCY booklet tells all about the first transistor radio and related models, TR-1, TR-1G, TR-4, Bulova 250, Mitchell, Mantola, and discusses colors, variations, date codes, rarities, and trivia. Lots of info and pictures. Regency booklet is $10, all others are $7 each. Prices include postage. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Send S.A.S.E. for list of pocket and portable transistor radios that have been electronically restored and play like they did when they were new. Randy Hartge, 6612 North 90th Street, Omaha, NE 68122. (# removed).

WANTED: Plate #508 in Breed. Need the knight only. I have the horse. Also need the Motorola logo for the Motorola 7X23E. Will buy a junker. Paul Fulton, 711 Jacquelyn Road, Westwood, NJ 07675. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: Trancel TR-50 (see photo), underpainted top half, in box with instructions, radio and box a little rough but hard to find, $110. Jaguar 6T-250 (see photo & Bunis II, p.132), black, damaged but presents well, underpainted part very good, $70. Toshiba 6TP-309A, black, NIB. WANTED: Offering up to $300 (depending on color and condition) for Zephyr AR-630. Zephyr on page 104 in MIJ. Crown TR-911. Crown TR-999. Crown TR810. Early Harpers. Kobe Kogyo KT-41. Others. Offering $500 for Toshiba 6TP-304 in yellow. Remington (see Wrobbel/Handy video). Standard SR-F23. Others. David Mednick, 25 Jefferson Street #7-B, Hackensack, NJ 07601-5038. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Westinghouse "Escort," $60. Transistor Radio Kit, unbuilt, Science Fair #28-222, $25. Select-A-Tenna AM signal booster, $25. Hilton Tubular Extension Speaker TS25, in box, $7. Pentron Transistor 3 inch reel to reel, USA, $20. Michael Itzo, 515-77th Avenue, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706-1705.

FOR SALE: Novelty radios. Over 1000 different ones, such as advertising, character, and much misc. We are always looking for radios to buy. For more information call: Don or Rocky Larson, 620 Ulstad Avenue, Albert Lea, MN 56007. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Zenith Royal 500, hand wired, black, $100. Emerson 888 Explorer, red, small chip, $95. NOVELTIES: Mickey Mouse in chair, NIB, $35. Mickey Mouse, ears for knobs, NIB, $35. Evil Knevil, rare, $100. Jerry Luttrell, 123 Ward, Independence, MO 64050. (# removed) eves.

WANTED: Barbie transistor novelty radios. Kevin and Kathy Moe, 932 Adams Street, Ottowa, IL 61350-4310. (# removed) before 9pm CST. Thanks.

FOR SALE: 19 lesson books from Deury Technical Institute, copyright 1956 to 1961. All for $25 ppd., all in very good condition. Thomas Burnside, 4838 S. Westhaven Drive, Jackson, MS 39209-4711. (# removed).

WANTED: Globe Trotter or Globe Traveler Nordmende in excellent condition. If anyone reading this ad in Lima, Peru wants to return my Globe Trotter which I left in my friend Bertha's house in Miraflores, back in 1976, will receive full price (guaranteed). If someone wishes to offer me a similar unit, please send actual color snapshots, price, etc. to R. Marquina Marchand, P.O. Box 7, Gedny Station, White Plains, NY 10605, USA.

FOR SALE: Toshiba 6TP-309, reverse plastic, black, no chips, very good condition with one repaired crack on bottom, light scratches on reverse, very hard to find radio, $300. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8pm EST. Fax (603) 38-2430. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE/TRADE: No chips or cracks unless noted. Reverse painted sets: Sharp TR203, purple with box, $65. Cute white/black Nipco, very good, $75. Global GR711, blue, looks great but hairlines, $95. Commodore 8, blue/white, chip, $50. Zephyr ZR620, green, chip, $50. New in box stuff: North American R-R transistor mini tape recorder, $35. Sony TR817, $85. RCA early shirtpocket, $30. Zenith Royal 285 (lower 1/2 box), $65. Zenith Royal 40, mint green, $45. Other neat stuff: Zenith Royal 50 rotating store sales rack, fantastic painted metal sign on top says "All Transistor Zenith Shirt Pocket Radio Royal 50" and in smaller type "All American Made," with Zenith emblem and logo on the base of stand. Looks brand new, includes pair of nice Royal 50 radios which hang on the display, $300. Zenith Royal 500, very good, pink, $495. Swap this and display rack for unbroken Toshiba 8TP90. Bulova 620, turquoise Comet, very good, small crack, $69. Raytheon 8TP1, $175. Box of 4 parts set radios, older, $20 plus postage. Novelties: $25 each or all 4 for $75. Coke can, Phillies radio, Sinclair gas pump, Tropicana Orange. WANTED: Cheap, busted Channel Master 6501 with good reverse paint. Toshiba 8TP90. Zephyr AR600. Kroy KT91. Orion Deluxe. Truetone with V front. E-mail your lists. Don Maurer, 29 South 4th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Sylvania Thunderbird, nice shape, $250. Call for details. Marty Dzik, 412 Gregory Street, Schererville, IN 46375-2290. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: "Realtone Comet" replica transistor radio, 1996 technology with 1962s styling, AM/FM, uses 2AA, color choices - blue, green, red; send $19.95 for each radio. Please allow 14-21 days for delivery. Check/MO only to: David Lyons, 52 Calais Street, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-5420. (# removed).

WANTED: Will purchase or trade transistors for: Tom Thumb, Emerson 747, 838, 839, Five Stars, Koyo Palm and Parrot, Zephyr and Sun-tone RN-7, Skymaster and other 1950s tiny tube plastic radios. In any condition. Also collecting plastic pocket crystal sets and hearing aids. Mike Brooks, 7335 Skyline, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed) evenings.

WANTED: Global GR-711 and GR-900 in excellent physical shape wanted. Also looking for any Zephyr or Zohar. Please assist this transistor addict. Randy Padawer, P.O. Box 1167, Knoxville, TN 37901-1167. (# removed) anytime. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Queen Boy's radio, in box, $35. Microtone hearing aid, in clamshell box, blemished, still unusual, $15. Novelties: Hit Tune, looks like flying saucer, hangs on wall or sits on counter, like new, $10. Toot-A-Loop, yellow, $10. Cube radio, NIB, $7. All radios untested. I'll pay the shipping. WANTED: RCA 8-BT-9E, Magnavox AM-23. Jim Martes, 15400 E. 2nd Street S., Independence, MO 64050. (# removed).

WANTED: Capehart transistor radio model T8-201 as pictured above. Jim Given, 1840 Country Meadows Terrace, Sarasota, FL 34235. (# removed).

WANTED: Any German transistor radios (only pocket size) and Sony TR-510 or 610, TR-63. Realtone TR-1088. Global GR-900, GR-711. Also looking for brochures, flyers, folders and any advertising on early transistor radios. And I look for the early transistors as components, especially point-contact transistors. Have German swaps on all items. Rudi Herzog, P.O. Box 140 108, 30959 Hemmingen, Germany. Phone (# removed), fax (# removed)

AUCTION: This is the accumulation of a 4 year collection of transistor radios. We are offering these on a silent auction bid basis. Auction is to close approximately mid February 97. We have a digital camera and can e-mail photos. Serious bidders only, please. Thanks. Dan Kelly, P.O. Box 239, Fayetteville, AR 72702. Phone (# removed). Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: The following radios, working and in nice condition. Reasonable prices please: Trancel TR-80. Eureka KR-6TS35. Channel Master 6516. Penney's 6TP-243. RCA 4R656. Toshiba 7TP-252S. Mitsubishi 6X-145. Candle TR8. Pete Peterson, 8551 S. Mansfield Avenue, Burbank, IL 60459. (# removed) call ater 6:00pm or E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Battery Sale! Atlas Premium Power Battery, works, B plate 265, $25. Mobil Premier Poly Battery, works, B plate 265, $25. Co-op Forget-It Battery, works, B plate 266, $25. Trop-Artic Maintenance Free Battery, tuner frozen, B plate 264, $15. Delco Freedom Battery, B plate 267, $20. Exide Ironclad Battery, B&B plate 7, $40. Gulf Power Crest 60 Battery, works, B&B plate 9, $45. Farmland Super Start Battery, works, some fading on back and sides, hard to find, $50. Deka 500 Battery, works, $40. Exide Red Camel Battery, rare, $50. GBC Battery, rare, $50. Agway Power Max 60 Battery, frozen control, B&B plate 2, $20. SS Supreme Maintenance Free Battery, works, $25. Kodak Supralife Battery, works, B&B plate 154, $50. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8pm EST. Fax (# removed). E-mail (email removed)

WANTED: Royal 500 transistor radios, any condition. Parts sets OK. Prefer any color but black. Need models 500, 500D, 500RD, 500B, but will take black ones and 500E if the price is right. Let me know what you have. Eldon A. Horton, 8187 LaHabra Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46236. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Emerson 31P54 portable. Airline 621258 portable in excellent working condition. Also dual telescoping aerial for 1961 Zenith Royal 2000. Mike Hanke, 1036 South 15th Avenue, Wausau, WI 54401. Write, do not phone.

FOR SALE: Standard SRF 22, yellow, with a few chips and cracks, $50. Remler 93 Scotty radio. This is a tube type portable, working, and in very nice condition. I will sell it for $75 or trade for transistors. Bob Furtado, 23 Garden Road, Alameda, CA 94502. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Not just a parade of "high-end" sets, but rather an eclectic group of our personal favorites featured in this fun, informal video. Nearly two hours long; you'll see over 100 fabulous radios, colorful boxes, and advertising pieces. A program list is included with brand names and model numbers. VHS. $29.95 includes postage. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

WANTED: Red Sears Silvertone model 5204, circa 1964. Will also consider other colors in same series: 5202, 5203, & 5205 (see photo of 5205 in Bunis volume 1). Bob McGarrah, 6616 Koerner Road, Edwards, IL 61528. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Beautiful pink Regency TR-1G, $495. Emerson 849, green, Emerson's first transistor, $110. Realtone Electra TR801, white, in box, $80. Two Admirals, NIB (box reads Space Age transistor) 703 & 692, $40 each. Zenith 500E, red, with box, $40. York TR-83, coral, cute pocket transistor, with case, $35. Continental TR-182, black, with case, like Made In Japan Sharp TR-182 page 45, $35. Philco T61, white, early pocket, $25. WANTED: Sony TR-63, red. Braun T3, T4, T31 and T41. Westrex sound tape cassettes. Any portable to play them (1960s vintage). Harald Herp, 6615 Michele Court, Huntingtown, MD 20639. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Global GR-711, black, new-in-box, $250; white, new-in-box, $350. Global GR-900, red, excellent, $300. Zephyr GR-3T6, blue, $100. Zephyr ZR-930, red, $350. Gilligan's Island radio, $50. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Realtone 1088 Comet, white, like new, $195; red, excellent, $150. Emerson 707, red, excellent, $75. Emerson 888 Atlas, black, excellent, $100. Emerson 888 Vanguard, gray, excellent, $100. Emerson 888 Explorer, green, $110. Tempest HT-6033 red, 6 trans, Japan, like new in box, $100. Peerless 3R-6T6, black, like new, $100. Fleetwood PVC-2X, red, excellent, $95. Bradford 26, turquoise, excellent, $95. Harold Trieb, 644-8th Street No., Hudson, WI 54016. (# removed).

WANTED: The following transistor radios in excellent condition in colors other than black or white: Krysler Eight Deluxe, Channel Master 6503 vertical pocket, Bulova 670 or 672, Starburst, Universal PTR-62B and Regency TR-1. Glenn Carlo, 5440 N.E. 22 Terrace, #9, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: General Electric P1740 with speaker box recharger. Please state condition and rice. Photo helps. Bruce Phillips, 127 Bunker Hill Avenue, Stratham, NH 03885. (# removed). After 5pm EST.

WANTED: Omscolite 7 transistor radio with big 7 on the front. Also wanted GE's first transistor radio in aqua and in black. Nick Calantonio, Jr., 409 Reading Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Old Crow novelty radio. Fine condition, and has moveable head, $350. Sam Samuelian, 2305 W. Deerfield Drive, Media, PA 19063. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Wilco collection. Wilco Deluxe ST-7, with boomerang dial (pictured above), black, coat pocket, excellent condition, leather case, plays, $175. Wilco Deluxe ST-88, sister radio to ST-7, same size, color, grille, badge - different reverse plastic dial, chips/cracks on all corners, displays well from front with ST-7, plays, $75. Both for $220. Others: Continental TR-664, vertical, black shirt pocket, chrome grill, Japan, CDs, no chips or cracks, hisses, $18. Marconi 2001 (same as Toshiba 6P-10), horizontal, white/green shirt pocket, rp, Japan, CDs, no chips/1 hairline, very good condition, plays, $65. Nobility 6000, vertical, ivory, shirt pocket, badge on goldtone grill, Japan, CDs, no chips/or cracks, leather case, plays, $25. Penney's 6TP-555, horizontal, black/white back sp, no chips or cracks, good shape, plays, $30. Viscount 610, vertical red/white back sp, Japan, CDs, leather case, box, chips/cracks, displays well, $20. Vista 6tr, no model #, vertical tan sp, Mercedes tri-star logo upper left, name badge lower left on plastic speaker area, right round tune dial knob, CDs, leather case, very good, plays, $40. Zephyr ZR-620 (Bunis 2, page 316), black, white and gold rp, small chip on rp corner, very good, plays, $65. Plus shipping. Charles Sandes, 288-28th Street, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed) before 8pm PT.

FOR SALE: Channel Master 6550 "Swing-a-Long" radio record player, works, $55. NEC 625, $30. Supero 1T-6P1, early, $30. Philco T7-124, $45. Bon 2tr, chips, $35. 2tr desk, $40. Nova-tech Nova 3, $20. Mellowtone 6 tr, back chips, $25. Toshiba 9TL365SA, AM/SW, $30. Westinghouse H968PLA, AM/clock, $15. Kobe-Kogyo KT-1000, blue, AM/SW, mint, $45. Emerson Vanguard, red, chip, $40. Blabber Mouth novelty, $25. Lloyds 8tr, red, reverse paint, like Commodore 660, early, back chip, $65. Send LSASE for long list. Jon Hall, 39 Spring Oaks Lane, Ruckersville, VA 22968. (# removed) late. Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Topline 6TP-112, black & white plastic case, reverse plastic dial panel, very good condition, no cracks or chips, works, very attractive set, $200. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed). Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Aurora gray & Supreme Deluxe (MIJ page 43) blue/white, $55 ea. Admiral Y2229, green, $25. Lido LR-66, black, $55. Columbia 400B, black, $45. Nobility 6tr, salmon, table top, Japan, $10. Pearltone T-801, salmon/white, $75. Philco T-4, NIB, $55. Philco T-60, gray/white, NIB, $45. Honeytone G-606, salmon, $75. Hitachi 666, white, $55. Silvertone 1206, ice blue, $30. Silvertone 8204, salmon, $35. Silvertone 9204, gray, $35. Sony TR-609, red/white, $65. Truetone DC-3105, green, $45. Universal PTR-62, black, $15. GE P-711, aqua, $35. Wales TR-306, white, $45. Westinghouse H587P7, gray, $45. Yeou (General), gray, 6G709, $65. Zenith R-100, beige, $17. WANTED: Philmore TR-12, Toshiba 3TP-315Y, Candle TR-2 & PTR-63, Arvin 8576, Lark TR-105 & TR-107, Kowa KT-31, Regency XR2A, Superex TR-66, Continental TR-100 & TR-208, GE P831A, blue. Paul Steingel, 2153-10th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119-2844. (# removed).

FOR SALE NOVELTIES: Polaroid AM/FM Film Pack, Breed/Bunis 191, $15. Stutz, Breed 5, in box, $25. Blabber Mouse, Breed 179, $15. Cabbage Patch, Breed/Bunis 358, $10. Care Bear, Breed/Bunis 361, MBC, $10. Computer Mouse, new in box, $10. Radio Shack Frog, $10. Big Bird, Breed 144, $15. GE Picture Cube, Breed/Bunis 324, $10. Grammy Phone, in box, similar to Breed 419, $20. Lady Bug, Breed 199, $25. Small Cathedral radio, $15. AM Megaphone radio, in box, $15. Paper Towel Holder radio, $18. Avon Skin-So-Soft, Breed/Bunis 151, $10. Also many regular transistors includig Hilton Boy's radio, $40. Large self-addressed stamped envelope for list. H.B. McMahan, 313 West Shaw, Tyler, TX 75701-3029. Phone (# removed).

MESSAGE: Don't forget each issue of the Transistor Network is placed on-line the first of every month...about 10 days after mail subscribers receive their copies. If you have a computer, check it out at www.oldradios.com/tn/. There has been lots of on-line interest in the TN with many subscribers reporting extra sales through the Net, so keep those ads coming.

FOR SALE: Novelty radios. All kinds. Many in books and a lot not in books, such as: advertising, stuffed animals, characters, robots, space, military and much misc. Also will buy novelties. For more information call Don or Rocky Larson, 620 Ulstad Avenue, Albert Lea, MN 56007. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Wrist radio, Young World, similar to pl 492, MIB, $30. Desk set, B&B 302, excellent, $60. Secretary Desk, B&B 289, MIB, $70. Money Stack, B&B 597, chipped corner, $15. Radio Watch, AM, B&B 343, MIB, $30. Radio Watch, FM, NIB, $30. Scrubbing Bubbles Shower radio, NIB, $30. Designer radio, NIB, $15. Airwaves 2000, B&B 309, NIB, $55. Snoopy Shower radio, NIB, $30. Avon Picture Frame radio, NIB, $40. Floating waterproof radio, Radio Shack, NIB, $25. Sunglasses radio, Korea, NIB, $35. Water Buddy, NIB, $25. French-style Telephone, pl 488, very good, $25. Little John radio, pl 497, excellent, $35. CB/AM radio, pl 512, MIB, $30. I also have some novelty telephones for sale, all work. Beverly McAfee, 305 Church Road, York, PA 17402. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE/OFFERS: Regency TR-1, ivory, leather case, one very hard to see hairline top left edge otherwise excellent condition, beautiful example of TR-1, will go quick at $450. Zenith 500H, black, good, one very small chip, plays strong, $85. Zenith 555 Sun Charger, white, excellent, $275. Toshiba 8TM-294B, excellent, $85. Emerson 888 Vanguard, gray, nice, $75. Novelties trades welcomed. I have 20 new in box units like B&B plates 452 & 453, several different colors, really neat little radios, your choice, $20 each or 2 for $35. Robot I-R-1-2, B pl 244, mbc otherwise good, works, $45. Mini Coke Chest, B&B pl 216, MIB, $50. Cannon, B&B pl 498, excellent, $45. Castle, B pl 499, good, $45. McDonald's French Fries, B pl 362, MIB, $45. Superman, B pl 163, MBC, otherwise excellent, $55. Computer AM/FM alarm clock radio, MIB, $50. John Player Special, B pl 22, excellent, $50. Pic radio, NIB, $25. Pandas, B pl 223, GIB, $30. Batman, pyramid shaped, B&B pl 352, near mint, with original papers, $140. Mission Impossible radio from new movie, imported from England, not available in US, only 1 available, MIB, $100. Merit Cigarette radio promo, mint, $25. 1912 Simplex, B pl 2, near mint, $40. Repro Cathedral AM/FM cassette, excellent, B&B pl 455, $40. R-A-D-I-O S-H-A-C-K radio, B pl 309, red, excellent, $35. Roller Skate, B pl 462, NIB, rare, $75. Huckleberry Hound, excellent, B pl 99, $75. Mickey in Car, rare, excellent, B pl 106, $75. Shaun Cassidy radio/PA, real neat, mint, $55. Crayola Rocks, MIB, $55. Oreo Cookie, B pl 370, excellent, $25. Fada Bullet repro, AM/FM cassette, maroon/yellow, very pretty, 1 left, unopened, MIB, was $75 now $50. Planters Peanuts, B pl 301, very rare, excellent, $55. Star Trek Shuttlecraft, AM/FM, digital clock radio, unopened MIB, 1 left, was $70, now $40. Elvis Memorial radio (2), B pl 221, one excellent, $30, the other one is MIB, $70. Paperweight Money radio, B&B pl 597, excellent, $25. Money Talks, B pl 211, excellent, $20. Avon SSS, B&B 151, excellent, $20. Mork from Ork, B pl 123, excellent, $25. Knights Helmet, B pl 507, good, $20. Computer Mouse FM/Scan, MIB, 1 left, $15. Rest Room radio, B pl 496, GIB, $10. Tropicana Orange (2), both very good, $10 ea. French Telephone, B pl 488, $20. Polaroid AM/FM film, B pl 179, $10. Raggedy Ann & Andy, B pl 131, MBC, $5. Jukebox, B pl 411, excellent, $20. LOOKING FOR: B pl 460, Outboard Motor. B pl 252, IR4U Robot. B pl 162, Superman in Phone Booth. B pl 161, Spiderman Head. Batman, B&B pl 353, AM/FM clock radio. Mighty Mouse on Cheese, B&B pl 387. Lunalit, B&B pl 612. All plus ship/handle, days 10am till 6pm EST. Dan Phelan, Consolidated Electronics, 24 Hinchey Road, Rochester, NY 1624. Phone/fax (# removed).

WANTED: 1959 Philco multiband portable radio model T-9 and 1942 Motorola AM port. model 61L11 in excellent condition. Mike Hanke, 1036 S. 15th Avenue, Wausau, WI 54401. Write, do not phone.

FOR SALE: Collectors Guide To Transistor Radios, Second Edition, $16.95 (Canada add $2 shipping). Collectors Guide to Novelty Radios, $18.95 (Canada add $4 shipping). Collecting Transistor Novelty Radios, 1994 Price Update, $4.95 postpaid. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. (# removed) before 8 PM EST. Fax (# removed) anytime.
E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: 6T-330, like Hi-Delity (pictured above) or Jupiter (Bunis 2, page 118/136). Minor faults acceptable if price is right. Charles Sandes, 288-28th Street, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed) before 8pm PT.

on February 10th.

WANTED: Crown TR-777; Truetone DC-3090, DC-3105; Barlow or Crestline 6T-180; Sampson or Lincoln L-640; Marvel or Mellow-tone 6YR-15A; Standard SR-F25, SR-D210; Realtone TR-301, TR-801, TR-803; Toshiba 8TP-90, 6TP-309, 5TR-221; Linmark T-25; Lido TR-270; Union Boy's shirtpocket. I also need some parts (junkers) for the following radios: metal strip NEC NT-61; dial Trancel TR-194; Toshiba emblem (like 5TP-90); stand Zephyr ZR-740; tuner cap Standard SR-F410; dial insert Realtone 1800 micro. FOR TRADE: Hoffman Trans-Solar BP-706, excellent, works on solar cells. Union Boy's table model radio, plays, very good. Hans Beenen, de Boster 5, 8401 HH Gorredijk, the Netherlands. Tel/fax: +31-513-465673. E-mail: (email removed)

SERVICES: Crack repair, worn or missing lettering restored exactly like original. Reproduction trim parts for transistor radios including badges, nameplates, flat dials. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Sonora excellence of 1940s miniature replica AM/FM transistor version quality piece, uses 3 AA batteries. 3 piece set consists of red, silver, black. $65 for each set, delivery included. Please send check/MO to: David Lyons, 52 Calais Street, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677. (# removed). Ltd. availability

FOR SALE: Philco T-77-124, black, very good, with box and papers, $25 + shipping. GE P807H, black, good, $10 + shipping. Sears Silvertone 2214 "Medalist," AM/MW, good, $20 + shipping. Bob McGarrah, 6616 Koerner Road, Edwards, IL 61528. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Battery cover for Hoffman Trans-Solar KP706, black. Glenn Carlo, 5440 N.E. 22 Terrace, #9, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Penney’s 7TP-409S (pictured above). Two-tone gray plastic, 2 band set. Condition good except dent in grill, light scratching on reverse dial panel and the band switch sticks, $100. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8 pm EST. Fax (# removed). E-mail (email removed)

FOR SALE: Toshiba 8TP90 "Circle Grille," black, no cracks, one of the nicest ones I’ve seen. The gold on the front is perfect. If you want one of the rarest and most desirable transistor sets, this one’s for you, $1500. Toshiba 6TP304 "Coffin," extremely rare light yellow color. Hard to find in any color but only a handful exist in this color. No cracks and in beautiful shape, $1000. Bob Wood, 3612 N. 12th Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32503. Phone (# removed). E-mail (email removed)

WANTED: Realtone TR-870 “Satellite” (pictured above). George Kaczowka, 23 Hillside Avenue, Boylston, MA 01505. Phone (# removed) before 9 pm EST. E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Transistor radio collections. Will buy one or 1000. Need not be working. Prefer high end sets. Regular transistors or novelties. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed) before 8pm EST. Fax (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

Camel Cigarette Radio

Pictured in Collector's Guide to Novelty Radios, plate 156.

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Call or write:
John DeLoria
101 Doverbrook Road
Chicopee, MA 01022
(# removed)


Exhibit in the Main Hall
Newton Free Library
330 Homer Street
Newton, MA 01259
(# removed)
January 3-31, 1997

Contact: Jon Golden at (# removed)(email removed)

Newton MA resident Jonathan S. Golden will display his collection of early fancy transistor radios, defining unusual industrial and electronic design of the 1954-1963 period. At that time, with the advent of the tiny transistor replacing larger tubes, radio manufacturers played off the American Dream, offering consumers ultimate freedom and convenience to tune in and listen, any time, any place. The turn of a tiny dial gave the listener access to the AM airwaves filled with sports, music, adventure, and talk show dogma and jingoism of the Cold War era. To catch the American consumer's eye, manufacturers spared no cost in design, using brilliant colored plastics, molded and blended with shiny metals, then finished with intricate logos and screenings that defined the post-deco, space-age/atomic-age styles and sensibilities. For more than an eyeful of these early miniature earfuls....see "Fabulous and Fantastic Transistor Radios" in the main hall of the Newton Free Library.

Upcoming Radio Meets

February 23, Westford, MA. Greater Boston Radio Collectors - Radio XXVIII. For more information contact Lisa Friedrichs (# removed).

July 11-13, Lansing, MI. Michigan Antique Radio Club Extravaganza. For more information e-mail (email removed)

August 6-9, Elgin, IL. Antique Radio Club of Illinois Radiofest '97. For more information contact Jeff Aulik, 1708 Parkview Avenue, Rockford, IL 61107. (# removed) evenings.