George's View of Maine.. Take a Tour of York Beach...
This view in the Spring Last Updated June 29, 2001

I love the coast of Maine. There is something about the Ocean crashing against the rocks, the fresh air, that brings out the best in me. I have been visiting Maine since my college days, but much more so lately. Since I live in Massachusetts, most of my Maine experience in on the southern coast, from the New Hampshire border up to about Old Orchard Beach. My favorite place is York Beach.

The photo above is a winter view from the rocks along one shore called Union Bluffs...

York is broken up into three areas; York Village, York Harbor, and York Beach. York Beach itself has two sections, Long Sands, and Short Sands. The "Nubble" separates these two beautiful beaches, which is the location of the famous Nubble Light House. This lighthouse is the most famous in terms of paintings and photographs of any lighthouse in America.

The Short Sands section of York Beach includes a quaint business district. This is a short section of US Route 1A with maybe 20 or so shops, 4 or 5 resaurants, and a little theater (thee-ate'-er) that has one movie each night in the summer at 8pm. There is an arcade and bowling alley right off the beach, which is populated by loads of kids. There is also an amusement park and zoo at the other end of town.

I have postcards from the turn of the century, and for the most part, if you add some blacktop, and three or four coats of paint, the own has not changed much! The Tour of York Beach will show you many locations both past and present! There is a wonderful book about York Beach, showing old photographs authored by John Bardwell. He did a second volume and sadly passed away soon after it was published. They have resently done a second printing on his first book, so it is widely available in stores at the beach..

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