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Last Updated: June 29, 2001

Welcome to my personal homepage! This is a brief snapshot of some of my interests.. I have been an avid collector of antique radios for over 20 years now... I really enjoy spending as much time as I can by the ocean, and have favorite spots from the coast of Maine to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. I enjoy meeting people, so please feel free to e-mail me regarding any shared interests, or comments on my pages.... Thank you for stopping by!


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Some areas of Interest:

WelcomeToMaine The Coast of Maine - There is something special about the coast of Main for me. Come see my favorite town.. York Beach!
SpartonSled Antique Radios - I collect old radios. You can visit some of my favorites here... I have both Wooden sets from the late 30's, and stylish transistor radios from the late 50's, as well as lots of other radio related material...updatedJune 29,2001
Marty and Sue Bunis and I have previously released a CD-ROM version of their Antique Radio Price Guide. This version combines all the photos from all four of their books, along with some great new material for the antique radio collector and restorer! We worked for over 18 months on this project, and we are really proud of it! Unfortunately, we have sold out of this.
MightyMouse Animation Art - I love animation art, especially cartoon cels. This one is an original from the 70's cartoon show with a period water-color background. I found this in an antique store on the floor behind some clothes! I recently acquired a few more of these, so watch this space soon for some more photos..
Art Glass Art Glass - I have recently been quite taken by art glass.. I define art glass as glass articles which I appreciate more for their artistic form than for their function. So far, this is my only piece.. but I really enjoy it. Hopefully, I will find some more! You can click on the picture to see larger images of this piece.
Canada Trip My Vacation to Canada - I took a vacation to Canada back in Aug '98. Here are some photos that I took..

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