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Bendix Navigator 410

The Japanese-made Bendix Navigator 410 "Direction Finder" measures 8" x 5.25" x 2.25", and has 3 bands-AM, beacon and marine. It has a rotatable top antenna with the Morse code printed on it. The left bearings, from 0 to 90 degrees, and the right bearings, from 0 to 90 degrees, are printed on top of the radio under the antenna. The Bendix Navigator 410 along with a compass and navigation chart could be used to navigate ships. Lighthouses, lightships, and buoys transmitted beacons in Morse code. Each beacon had a different code. All the beacon points were marked on the chart. Straight bearings were used to go to point A from point B, and cross bearings were used to find your location. Thanks to Edward D'Entremont for this information and to Ronie D'Entremont for the picture.


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FOR SALE: Crown TR 690, new mint in box & all papers, $70. Channel Master 6518, red & chrome, $30. G.E. P 791, blue & cream, $35. G.E. P 788, blue & cream, $45. Global GR 920, green, $15. Mitsubishi 6X148, red & cream, $35. National T 53, black & chrome, nice, $27.50. Panasonic R 1052, mauve, $15. Penney's 6TP-555, black & cream, $22. Philco T66-126, ivory, $22. Silvertone 4211, light blue, $27. Starlite Royal 200, black, $27. Sylvania 4P19W, tan, $25. Toshiba 8TP-686F, black & chrome, $45. Ron Vore, 7394 S. 150 E. Poneto, IN 46781. Phone & Fax (# removed).

WANTED: Cigarette advertising radios. Any foreign cigarette radios. Will pay top price. John DeLoria, 101 Doverbrook Road, Chicopee, MA 01022. (# removed).

WANTED: Sony TR-63 in red, must be excellent. Braun T3, T4, T31, and T41. Westrex sound tape cassettes, vintage 1953-63. Any portable Westrex radio/tape or tape player. Harald Herp, 6615 Michele Court, Huntingtown, MD 20639. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Bulova 620, ivory, very good, $100. Philco T-4, ivory, $30. BOY'S RADIOS: Acme, red, $50. Sceptre, creme, $40. Angel, red, $50. Coronet, blue & white, $45. Coronet, red & white, $45. Top Flight, blue & white, $50. Tama-Tone, NIB, $45. Gary Willoughby, 5930 W. Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90016. (# removed), Fax (# removed).

WANTED: Sony MR-9100W stereo portable radio for parts. Schematic for Nordmende II Globetraveler. Walter Bernd, 674 Fairfield Beach Road, Fairfield, CT 06430. (# removed) evenings. Thank you!

WANTED: Royal 500 transistor radios, any condition. Parts radios o.k.. Let me know what you have. Eldon A. Horton, 8187 La Habra Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46236. (# removed). E-mail (email removed)

FOR SALE: Novelty, Japan, "Wrist Watch Shape Super Micro Radio," excellent shape, in box with original battery, $60. Black Vista, round grill, like Fleetwood in MIJ page 66, excellent shape, $75. Red Toshiba 6TP-31A, "Bathroom Scale," missing speaker badge, $300. Ivory Marvel 8YR-10A, very good shape, no cracks or chips, $40. Black Fleetwood, as in MIJ page 67, very good shape, no cracks or chips, $45. Ivory Sony TR-86, crack and chip on side, $160. Ivory Hitachi TH-650 with gray suede case, excellent shape, $45. Beige Zephyr ZR-740, two cracks but pretty, $55. Bob Davidson, 310 Main Street, Concord, MA 01742. (# removed).

WANTED: German transistor radios from 1955-1960 and same stuff from USA and Japan. Early transistors (components) and advertising on transistor radios from everywhere. Rudi Herzog, P.O. Box 1401 108, 30959 Germany. Phone (# removed). Fax: (# removed).

WANTED: Sony ICR-100 integrated circuit radio, and information on other IC radios from the mid-1960s through the ones produced today. I'm putting together a display and article for school kids. Also, want data on mid-1950s "rocket" crystal radios, early 1980s wrist TVs, and early 1980s pocket TVs. Does anyone have better dates when these latter items were first and last made? Or ads for them? Thanks for your help. Robert King, 3800 Coventry Drive, Anchorage, AK 99507. (# removed).

SERVICES: Keep this ad handy for future use! I can repair your favorite AM transistor radio to play like it did when it was new. Twenty six years experience in radio repair. Minimum $20, maximum $35 plus shipping. If unable to be repaired, radios will be sent back prepaid. Randy Hartge, 6612 North 90th Street, Omaha, NE 68122. (# removed).

WANTED: RCA models from 1959-1963. Jerald Hueber, 1368 King Richard Parkway, West Carrollton, OH 45449-2354. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Grundig "Micro Boy" Convertible, with speaker box, $200. Federal 610, $40. Phillips speaker LF-004652, black, 6 inch, works, $15. Columbia C-615 "Triump III," $75. Etiud 2, USSR, $175. Ever-Ready "Sky Leader," English, $200. Motorola 8X26E, with papers, nice, $100. Admiral Y2012, 7VIA, orange, $50. Bulova 710, cracked hinge, with nice display box, $90. Motorola X39S, $60. Silvertone 8204, w/no window case, $300. General Electric P-1704-B, mint and mint case, $50. General Electric P-808-H, with #226 battery, $50. Admiral 7L16 (7L1), yellow, radio only, works, $200. Sam's transistor TSMs, volumes 1 through 37, $200. All plus UPS. Chuck Bray, 1322 Ivy Road, Bremerton, WA 98310. (# removed).

FOR SALE: N.I.B. Toshiba display case. Cash or interesting trade. John DeLoria, 101 Doverbrook Road, Chicopee, MA 01022.

WANTED: Magnavox AW100, Regency XR-2 (black earphone cord, uses 3 AAA cells). (# removed). Rick Christensen, 1045 West 550 South, Payson, UT 84651.

FOR SALE: Channel Master 6515, tuning cap bad, $10. General Electric 7-2877F, plays but volume control scratchy, $10. Zenith RB47R, plays but low volume, $5. General Electric P2975, AM/FM, rechargeable, excellent condition, untested, $10. Universal AM/FM 9 transistor, plays intermittently, loose antenna wire connection, $5. RCA B-411, looks excellent but battery compartment damaged, $10. RCA 1-RG-43, makes noise, battery connections missing, $3. Westinghouse H-707P6GPA, case cracked, noise, good for parts, $1. Joe Bentrovato, 84 East Munson Avenue, Dover, NJ 07801. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Global GR-711, new in box, one hairline crack, $200. Emerson 977 Falcon, in box, $80. Zenith Royal 500D, maroon, chip and crack, $40. Marconi (Canadian version of Emerson 888 Pioneer) $100. Sharp TR-202, cracks, $20. Toshiba 6TP-309A, $80. Suzanne Wyatt, 4403 Boyd Road, SE, Dearborn, MO 64439. (# removed).

FOR SALE: NOVELTIES: Number after name depicts Bunis or Breed book. Care Bear 361, $10. Blabber Mouse 179, with cover, $15; mbc, $10. Avon SSS 151, mbc, $10. Knight 507, mbc, $25. Smurf 156, mbc, $10. Lincoln 6, $10. Rolls Royce Pewter 8, $20. Stutz Bearcat 4, fair, $25. Cabbage Patch 358, $15. Lady Bug, $25. Computer Mouse, new in box, $12. Little John 497, $20. All plus UPS. H.B. McMahan, 313 West Shaw, Tyler, TX 75701-3029. (# removed).

WANTED: To complete my like new Universal PTR-62B radio the front panel "6 Transistor Universal" chrome metal emblem. Mine is missing and if you have a parts radio or junker, I would really appreciate using the emblem from it. Please contact Robert Gilmore, P.O. Box 1888, Ramona, CA 92065. (# removed) work, or (# removed) home.

FOR TRADE: First production all-transistor loudspeaker radio, with earphone jack, purchased new by myself about 1954 at a cost of about $25. This is the Regency TR-1G, S/N 9805-G, uses 22 1/2 volt battery (about the size of a modern 9V, contacts on each end), Burgess U15, Eveready 412, Ray-O-Vac 516. Condition: Black plastic case excellent except for normal surface wear and a tiny crack in the corner of the back cover. Marking on plastic dial in copper-color "foil." Volume control has worn gold finish over plastic. Radio was working when battery was removed and put into storage years ago. Present interior condition as new, except for minor "whisker" growth on battery contacts and probably a type of mold (a few tiny white dots) on wax of the IF/RF transformers. Maker: Regency Division, I.D.E.A., Inc., 7900 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis 26, Indiana. Phil Koopman, Sr., 2805 Hunt Club Lane, Orlando, FL 32826-3909. (# removed), afternoons and evenings. E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED NOVELTY RADIOS: Plate numbers from Breed book. 32 C.P. Huntington Locomotive. 56 Ship's Telegraph. 60 Life Preserver. 107 Mickey Mouse. 114 Mickey Mouse. 128 Poochie Radio System. 154 Snoopy and Woodstock on Rocket. 168 Sweet Secrets. 173 Winnie the Pooh. 197 and 198 Ladybug Radio Phonograph. 204 Lady in Hoop Skirt. 240 Moon Ship. 296 Shell Logo. 389 Coke Vending. 452 Binocular Case. 464 Set of Books. 473 Lamp Post. 499 Ancient Castle. 505 Automatic Pistol. Plate numbers are from the Bunis & Breed book. 77 Spam. 100 Scotch Seven. 156 Camel Cigarettes. 212 Washing Machine. 353 Batman Clock Radio. 511 Bike Light Radio. 544 Sportsman. 555 Cable Car. 570 Locomotive. 577 River Boat. 583 Steam Engine. 590 VW Rear End. 612 Lunalit. 615 Stereo Scarf. Call or send list too: Sharon Boyle, 20 Hillside Meadows Drive, Southampton, MA 01073. (# removed).

WANTED: Battery cover for Global GR-900 or basket case GR-900 in any color. Is anyone out there making new battery covers? Top hat for Jimmy Carter Peanut novelty radio or basket case Carter novelty radio. Name your price. Sal Volpini, 178 Cecil Street, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada N7T 6W5. (# removed).

WANTED: Interstage transformers for the Zenith Royal 1000 or parts sets. I also need a display model of the Zenith R-7000 (U.S. built) so it need not work and drive belt problems are okay....or parts sets. Phil Mac Arthur, 701 Spanish Main #71, Summerland Key, FL 33042. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Novelty radios-over 750 different ones, such as advertising, characters, and misc. Also will buy radios. For more information call Don or Rocky Larson, 620 Ulstead Avenue, Albert Lea, MN 56007. (# removed).

PARTS WANTED: Or junker sets. Hoffman Solar KP706 battery cover, black. Zenith Royal 500H nameplate. Zenith Royal 200 gold knob inserts. G. Carlo, 8675 N.W. 28 Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33065.

WANTED: TR-52 Sony (pictured above), "SONY TOKYO TSUSHIN KOGYO, LTD." Paying over $1000 for good examples. Also wanted small TVs from 1970s to 1990s, 1" to 4" screen, Sony, Panasonic etc. Tom Christopher, 5350 Alum Rock Avenue, San Jose, CA 95127. Bus: (# removed). Fax (# removed).

WANTED: Collecting early Sony, Toshiba, Emerson, etc. in Montreal area. Wanted Sony TR-86 in green and Germaniums N.I.B.. Will have a sale list in November! Jan Lindstrom VEZOL, 77 Columbia, Westmount, Quebec, Canada H3Z 2C4. Tel (# removed). Fax (# removed). E-mail 72220,(email removed)

FOR SALE OR TRADE: Nordmende Globetraveler III, in excellent playing condition, short wave, 14 bands, $170. Japanese Brass Owl #219 Breed, in excellent playing condition, $60. Mississippi Fire Pumper, Breed #36, in excellent playing condition, $80. All plus shipping. Looking for the Old Crow or other high end novelties. Paul Fulton, 711 Jacquelyn Road, Westwood, NJ 07675. (# removed).

WANTED: Invicta 8PK1 radio from 1965. Must be in excellent or mint condition. John Caris, 450 Winthrop Drive # 15, Findlay, OH 45840.

FOR SALE: Princess of Power Castle radio, plate 137, MIB, $45. Popeye, plate 127, some paint fade, $50. Spacetech Shuttle, plate 485, MIB, $50. Gary Arnold, 615 Oak Street, Marion, NC 28752. (# removed). E-mail to (email removed)

WANTED: Sam's TSMs. Issues 144, 145, 146, 149, 157, and 159. Gilbert "Erec-Tronic" Radio Lab Kits, circa 1959-1963. Herman Cone III, 305 Foxwood, Goode, VA 24556. Phone/fax (# removed).

FOR SALE: Admiral YH371GP, book 1, page 17, black, very good condition, $15. Arvin 60R25-11, book 1, page 28, NIB, poor box, $35. Arvin 61R39, book 1, page 31, black, mint, with case and poor display box, $35. Arvin 64R38, book 1, page 33, brown leather and chrome, braided leather handle, very good condition, $15. Arvin 9562, book 1, page 37, alligator, $55. Arvin 9562, British tan, book 1, page 37, $55. Audition 1069, book 1, page 58, reverse, black, with case, very good, $150. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. (# removed) before 8 pm eastern. Fax (# removed) anytime. E-Mail: (email removed)

WANTED: A Zephyr model 930, any color in nice condition. Also a leather case for a Zephyr 620. Thank you. Bob Furtado, 23 Garden Road, Alameda, CA 94502. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Green marbleized Regency TR-1, B.O.. Yellow Regency TR-1G, $550. Coral Regency TR-1G, $500. Regency TR-5, $50. Regency TR-66, $75. Turquoise Sentinel IE500 (Magnavox AM-2 clone), $195. Black Emerson 888 Explorer, $110. Turquoise Emerson 888 Explorer, $140. Emerson 838, hybrid, many colors, $150 each. Airline BR-1100A, black /ivory (Raytheon clone), $350. Zenith 1st Royal 500, black, with case, handwired, $110. Other Zenith 500s, 200s, 300s, 50s, and other models (call for details). Black Zenith 500H, $75. Bulova 620 (gorgeous), "The Bullet," red and turquoise, $125 each. Realtone Electra TR-801, white, with box and accessories, $125. Motorola X21, ivory, with anchor and rhinestone, $45. Motorola 6X39A-2, Weatherama, $110. Toshiba 8TM-294B, blue sparkle grill, $65. Arvin 61R35, ice blue, with case, $25. General Electric P766A, chargeable, metal radio with charger, $65. Oldsmobile Trans-Portable, 2 versions, working well, $65 each. Rolands 1st, 6TR, "All Transistor 66," black and gold, $45. Trancel TR-80, ivory, with box and papers, $150. Matsushita (National) T-50, coral with case, $30. Harald Herp, 6615 Michele Court, Huntingtown, MD 20639. (# removed).

WANTED: I am interested in collecting old transistor radios from the 1950s-1970. If anyone could help me locate some or are looking to sell any, I would be interested in hearing from you. I would also like to know if there are other clubs to get in touch with. I am also trying to replace three of the radios I used to own: the Zenith Royal 285, black with blue cloth grill, 1964 (?); the Zenith Royal 94, interoceanic multiband, 1965 (?); the Emerson 888 Vanguard, 1958. If anyone knows the whereabouts of these radios at a fair price, I would greatly appreciate this. Thank you. Robert Boccaccino, 6 Roslyn Avenue, Selden, NY 11784-3227. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Basketball, B&B 506, NIB, $25. Soccerball, N, $20. Micro Baseball, B&B 493, NIB, $10. Tennisball, pl 448, excellent, $45. Basketball, pl 448, excellent, $45. Phillies Baseball, pl 441, excellent, $30. Football Helmet, NY Giants, $25. Golfphone, pl 457, excellent, $55. NFL pocket radio - Kansas City, excellent, $30. Fan radio, Phillies, NIB, $25. Pocket radio Busch Beer and Cardinals baseball advertisement KMOX 1120 AM on it, slight yellowing on side, $25. I have over 200 novelty radios plus novelty telephones for sale. Write or call for list. Beverly McAfee, 305 Church Road, York, PA 17402. (# removed).

FOR SALE OR TRADE: Mitsubishi 6X-870 (Bunis II cover). Sinclair Gas Pump, NIB, $35. Emerson 888 Vanguard, blue, excellent, $60. WANTED: Any Sony "Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, Ltd." JVC "tip top." Early Sanyo, Harpers, Midge, Remington. Zephyr AR-630, Sharp TR-185. David Mednick, 25 Jefferson Street, # 7-B, Hackensack, NJ 07601-5038. (# removed).

WANTED: Emerson 31P54, Airline 621258 portables in excellent working condition. Also dual aerial (telescoping) for Zenith Royal 2000 (1961). Send polaroids. Mike Hanke, 1036 So. 15th Avenue, Wausau, WI 54401. Do not phone.

FOR SALE: 1A. Orion Micro, black, 7 transistors, $20. 1. Royal 500, black, $125 (2). 2. Royal 500 black, $50, some damage. 3. Royal 300 maroon, $60. 4. Vanguard 888, black, $75. 6. RCA RZG343Y, $15. 7. RCA VS312, $15. 8. RCA 603E-V, $15. 9. RCA RZG1041, grey and white, $15. 10. RCA no model number, ivory, $15. 11. Wendell-West CR18, $25 (2). 13. Magnavox AM-811, $7. 14. Magnavox 2R1001, $15. 15. Magnavox red AM-60, $20, not working. 16. Magnavox 1R1003, plus leather case, $15. 17. General Electric solid state, rounded corners, no model number, $15. 18. General Electric 911D, $15. 19. General Electric 609, $15. 20. Standard SR-H436 Micro Ruby, $115. 21. Marvel 6YR-20, $45, some damage. 22. Zenith Royal, AM/FM, no model number, looks like thermostat, $20. 24. Silvertone 4205, $10. 24. Silvertone 6422, $15. 25. Sony TR3550, $15, (2) one with box, etc. 26. Realtone TR1946, $15. 27. Philco T-68BK-G, $20. 28. Columbia 600BX, $55. 30. Mellowtone 6YR15A, $45, some damage. 31. Windsor Micro 2069, yellow, plus box, $35. 32. Lloyds N703, very different, $20. 33. Admiral Y371GP, $15. 34. Midland 10-108, ivory, $15. 35. Midland 11-657, with small wind up clock, trim missing, $25. 36. Motorola X56G, $25, nice green color, small crack. 37. Motorola X15A, $35. 38. Motorola X27E, $20. 39. Impex, pink, no model number, $10. 40. Realtone J-1248, $15. 41. Red Channel Master 6506, plus case, $35. 41. Maco 2 band AB175, plus case, $25, antenna missing. 42. Aircastle SP-10H, $20. 43. Panasonic R1028, ivory, $10. 44. Panasonic R1018, $15. 45. Panasonic R1029, $15. 46. Panasonic R1159, $15. 47. Panasonic Radar Matic R1000, $45. 48. Westinghouse H926P8GP, $10. 49. Suburbia 1200, plus leather case and original box, etc., $35. 50. North America 1020, plus box, etc., very small crack, $15. 51. Very small pocket size stereo given out by US News RS8380, $15. 52. Honeytone G606, $15, slight damage, nice case. 53. Realistic mini weather radio pocket, $8. Above prices plus postage and handling. Norm Landis, 1315 Marbendale Court, St. Louis, MO 63122-6932. 821-7933.

WANTED: Emerson 888 Explorer in red, 888 Pioneer in turquoise and white. Zenith Royal 500 (chassis 7ZT40) in pink. R. Matzko, 3 Coloma Court, Sterling, VA 20164. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: Warren Walk-aways, Norinco 4 speed phonos. Walk-aways also include headset. J.R. Manninen, Route 1 Box 157, Hancock, MI 49930. (# removed). E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Wendell West coat pocket (Hi-Fi Deluxe), nice, $6. Coronet 2 transistor, reverse paint, $25. Queen, looks like Coronet-also 2 transistor Boy's Radio, w/c in box, $30. Zenith Royal 500, maroon, acid wear around dials, $20. Commodore Micro, with zip case, slight corner chip, $15. Realtone, cute shirt pocket, corner chips, good display, $15. NOVELTY TYPE: Cabbage Patch, $6. Hit Tune, unusual, $8. Crayola, new in box, $90, I'll ship. Weather Vane, hangs on wall, has weather station only plus thermometer, humidity, barometer, $23, I'll ship. Transistors are untested. Add $3.50 to ship each radio. Jim Martes, 15400 E. 2nd Street South, Independence, MO 64050. (# removed).

WANTED: Hearing aids and early related devices. Also buying plastic, pocket crystal sets. Mike Brooks, 7335 Skyline, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Startone Transistor 7 CTR701 and Golden Shield 7109. Both 100% functional. $200 for both and I will pay shipping. Thomas Tamberelli, 106 Carpenter Street, Muncy, PA 17756-1332. (# removed).

WANTED: Emerson 888 Vanguard in red or black, must be in excellent condition including the logo. Please call or write Mike Reust, 952 Pleasant Street, #H3, Oak Park, IL 60302. (# removed).

FOR SALE: By lot only. Novelties, Boy's, Hybrids, Walkie Talkies, Clocks, Transistors. Call or write. The price is low. Marvin Hess, 204 Queensway Road, Elma, NY 14059. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Gilligan's Island radio. Small portable transistor set as used on TV show, $125. Mitchell 1101, $600. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Sony TR510, black, not perfect, $100. Sony TR714, green with case and awesome antennae, $100. Sony TR1814, beige with case, $50. Sal Volpini, 178 Cecil Street, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada N7T 6W5. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: Grundig Microboy with speaker box, both orange, $160 pair. Zephyr blue speaker box, NIB, $75. Reverse painted sets: Airline 1130, pink reverse, chips, $50. Viscount 6TP102, looks awesome, tiny chip, $75. Pair Boy's Radios, $25. New in box radios: White Orion, $35. Toshiba 6TP314, $65. Aiwa AR852, $30. Viscount 100J, $25. Motorola CX2N, $85. Lloyds micro, $25. Other neat stuff: Emerson 839 hybrid, $99. Philco T7, $40. Regency TR-7, $75. Pair of hearing aids, transistorized, new in box, Zenith 73W, Toshiba THA1001, $75, pair. WANTED desperately: Arvin 8576, 9577, Zenith Royal 500 in pink or tan, Zenith Royal 555, Motorola Pixie, Seminole 801, National transistor radios. Don Maurer, 29 South 4th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042. (# removed).

FOR SALE: I am giving away "Boys Radios" at $35 each, and what I do not sell is going to auction this month so get them at bargain prices. Angel, Acme, Cararet, Mascot, Windsor, Star-Lite, Nuvox, Tama-Tone, Scepter, Champion. All are in very good to excellent condition with no chips or cracks. Colors are blue, red, white and are untested. Kay Botzum, R.D. 2 Box 419, Morgantown, PA 19543. Fax (# removed). Phone (# removed). Postage extra.

WANTED: Camel Cigarette transistor radio. Will pay your price. John DeLoria, 101 Doverbrook Road, Chicopee, MA 01022. (# removed).

WANTED: Early Sony transistor radios 1955-1963. I'm also interested in advertisements, leaflets, and service manuals (original or copy). Henry Bohlmann, Birkenstieg 21, 22359 Hamburg, Germany. Phone (011) 49 40 6033226. Fax (# removed).

FOR SALE: Novelty radios, all cans. The following are $20 each: Pepsi, Coke, Fanta Orange, Sunkist, RC Cola, Mountain Dew, 7-UP, Polar Club, Hire's Root Beer, Mr. Pibb, Orange Spot, Squirt, Welch's Grape, Kosi Lite Beer, Coors Beer, Seagrams Cooler. Hunt's Manwich, $25. Beanee Weenee, $25. Wilson's Tennis Balls, $25. La Batts Beer, $25. San Miguel Beer, $25. Coronet Towels, $35. Scott Towels, $45. Campbells Tomato, NIB, $40. Hamms Beer, NIB, $50. Pet Milk, $50. Heinz Baked Beans, $60. Postage extra. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed), call before 8pm eastern. Fax (# removed), anytime. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Transistor Radio Photo Guides. Each guide packed with photos of all known collectible models of each brand. With model numbers and notes. GLOBAL/ZEPHYR Guide shows all 32 of the gorgeous radios from those outstanding manufacturers. STANDARD Guide shows all 50 of the Standards including all 13 Micronic Rubys. REALTONE Guide has 59 models, TOSHIBA Guide has 61, SONY Guide has 94. Guides include rare models not shown anywhere else. Regency booklet tells all about the first transistor radio and related models, and discusses variations in TR-1s, date codes, rarities, and trivia. Lots of info and pictures. Regency booklet is $10, all others are $7 each. Prices include postage. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Send S.A.S.E. for list of pocket and portable transistor radios that have been electronically restored and play like they did when they were new. Randy Hartge, 6612 North 90th Street, Omaha, NE 68122. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Very nice transistor radios in excellent or better condition. Philco T-7, white, plays, $60. Realtone TR-8611, red, hairline, have 2 at $50 each. Bradford TR-1626, red, $95. Global GR-711, red, $165. Sony 650, grey, plays, $45. Magnavox AM-22, red, $135. Hi Sonic, red, Japan, 6 transistors, $45; 4 transistor, red, Japan, hairline, otherwise nice, hard to find, $50. Sony 610, red, nice, $200. RCA 8-BT-8FE, rose/white, $50. Realtone 8611, black, $65. Motorola X-17R, red, nice but repaired crack inside, $60. Tempest 6 transistor, like new in box, Japan, red, $120. Magnavox AM-2, red, $90. Trav-ler Super Six TR-282-B, red, $100. Regency TR-7, white, repairable crack on back cover, otherwise great, $90. Sony TR-620, $50. Tussah 6 transistor, Japan, grey, $65. Fleetwood, small 6 transistor, somewhat faded, red color, nice, $70. Motorola X-14, black, $50. General Electric "ring top," black, $35. Vista, small 6 transistor, red, $100. Motorola X-15, tan, very nice, plays, $75. Sony TR-830, like new, $80. Channel Master 6516, black, $35; maroon, $55. RCA 3RH22G, small pocket, green/white, plays well, $50. Silvertone Sears 3203, ice blue, small pocket, plays, $50. Valiant 8 transistor, just like the Realtone 1088 Comet, red, very nice, $150. Also to match a Realtone 1088 Comet, red, $200; 1088 white, $200. Realtone TR-1826, black, sharp, $75. Zenith Royal 500-L, white, $50. Marvel 6 transistor, Japan, black, 6YR-02, $60. Sony 9 transistor Walkie-Talkie CB-901, 1960 model, $45. Peerless 6 transistor GR-3T6, black, $190, this is a clone to the Zephyr GR-3T6 which I also have at $250, in lavender, both in great shape. Bulova Super 6, small set, aqua, $75. Harold Trieb, 644 - 8th Street North, Hudson, WI 54016. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: General Electric 675, good, no cracks, $65. Emerson 888 Vanguard, black, excellent condition, $100. Channel Master 6512, with case, excellent condition, $30. Dave Working, 418 North Shore Rd., Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Phone/fax (# removed).

FOR SALE: Transistors: Channel Master 6506A, ivory/black, internal damage (hums), but it is in the original box with papers, carrying case, antenna, and earphone in carry pouch and shoulder carry strap, $35. Royal "Transistor 6," Japan, ivory/red back, with earphone in pouch, leather case, $20. Magnavox AM-60, ivory, leather case, $18. Novelty Robots: IM1 (B243), MIB, $60. IR12 (B244), MBC, $30. Robark (B245), $55. Transformer (B242), NIB, $35. Transformer (B164), purple, with head set, $15. Others, write wants. A.T. Shost, 1307 Maple Lane, Sedalia, MO 65301. (# removed).

FOR TRADE: Many early, excellent condition Japanese transistor radios for coat pocket mini-tube radios. Also collecting pocket crystal radios and hearing aids. Mike Brooks, 7335 Skyline, Oakland, CA 94611. (# removed) evenings.

WANTED: Braun T3, T4, or T41. Continental 160. Emerson 999. Motorola 6X28. Sony TR-63. Japanese mini-tube portables. LED-type pocket calculators. Very good or better condition only. Please send description and price. Larry Gilbert, 2602 Amapola Drive, Davis, CA 95616. (# removed). Fax (# removed).

WANTED: People to trade novelty transistor radios with. I have over 175 novelty radios to trade. You can now get my list by E-Mail at (email removed) or the old fashioned way by mail. I must apologize to a couple of collectors who requested my list. It seems I misplaced your names, so if you do not mind contacting me again, I will gladly send it to you. Thanks. Cliff Watts, 51 Glendale Road, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, N3T 1P5. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Nova-Tech Action II, AM/MB/VHF, white, $25. Koyo 6TS33, chip, $40. Heathkit GR-43A transoceanic, $85. Lafayette FS-91, minor problems, $95. Amertone 81X, coral, $20. Kowa KT-66, $35. Emerson Vanguard, fair, $30. Silver 10TL-540, AM/FM/SW, $20. Maco AB-175, $15. Realistic R677, Little Six, $30. NEC NT-625, black, $40. Captain YT-981, nice, $45. NOVELTIES: Four Star Piano, pl 450, $20. Muppets, pl 140, $20. Smurf, pl 156, $8. Radio USA Mic, pl 417, $25. Rock Notes Notebook, new, $20. Blabber Mouth, pl 178, $40. French Phone, pl 488, $45. Grenade, pl 502, $20. Janica Stereo, pl 408, $20. Tropicana Orange, $15. Lady Bug radio/phono, pl 197, $25. Welcome back "TN"!!! Jon Hall, P.O. Box 7732, Charlottesville, VA 22906. (# removed). Fax (# removed), 9-11 pm. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Motorola "Weatherama" 6X39A, $75. Zenith 3000-1, $80. Zenith 500L, 8LT45Z3, $40. Zenith Royal 500D, maroon, clean, 8AT40Z2, $50. Zenith A279, small clock radio on swivel, $20. Motorola X11E, clean, $25. Motorola Tandem CX2N, complete, $35. Realtone TR2663, eleven bands, $25. Nobility 1600, new in box, $15. Nobility small size, new in box, $15. All plus UPS. H.B. McMahan, 313 West Shaw, Tyler, TX 75701-3029. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Box of 15 transistor radios including Sony, Zenith, and Panasonic. Most Hong Kong, most work. UPS extra. Victor Marett, 3201 N.W. 18 Street, Miami, FL 33125. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Can radios: Olympia Beer, Seagrams Cooler, RC Cola, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper Diet, Budweiser, Coors, Sunkist, 7-UP, General Electric Best Buy, Van Camps Beanee Weenee, Whiskas Cat Food, Pabst, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Polaroid 600, any of above $25 each. Pet Evaporated Milk, Primo Beer, Labatts Beer, Welches Grape Juice, Carnation Cocoa Mix, Wilson Tennis Balls, Jim Riley Oil, Ajax Detergent, Tide, Mello Yello, CB Scanning, Monitor Can. Any of above $40. Sexy Linda radio doll, $50. Plus $5 shipping. Lloyd Nesbitt, 2840 Alabama Street, La Crescenta, CA 91214. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Delmonico 7YR707 Micro, black, $40. Emerson 911, yellow, $30. General Electric P746B, turquoise/ivory, $35. General Electric P800A, ivory, $35. Hitachi TH-627R, black, $60. Motorola X17B, blue, $30. Penney's (Toshiba) 6TP-555, black/ivory, $60. RCA 4RH11, black/white, $25. RCA 4RH16, gray/white, $25. RCA 8-BT-8JE, gray/ivory, $60. Realtone TR-1843, ivory, $45. Realtone TR-1843, black, $35. Realtone TR-8611, ivory, crack, $65. Ross 7 Micro, black, $40. Spica ST-600, blue, crack/chip, $35. Toshiba 8TM-294, $45. Zenith Royal 20, ivory, $30. Zenith Royal 50, red/white, $30. NOVELTIES: Avon SSS, $15. Cheeseburger, $15. Heinz Ketchup, $30. Knight's Head, Japan, $50. Polaroid 600, $10. Welch's Grape Juice, AM/FM, $25. Russ Abrams, 2330 Villaret Drive, Huntsville, AL 35803. (# removed).

FOR SALE/TRADE: Transistor radios for your Radio Riders Perpetual Trouble Shooters Manuals. Sorry, no list available. For information e-mail: (email removed) Phone (# removed). Roy Manninen, Route 1, Boston Location, Hancock, MI 49930.

FOR TRADE: Will trade my duplicate Hoffman 728 6 transistor radio (1963 era) in pristine (like new) condition for your duplicate transistor radio also in pristine (like new) condition. Let me know what you offer to trade. Please contact Robert Gilmore, P.O. Box 1888, Ramona, CA 92065. (# removed) work or (# removed) home.

FOR SALE: Transistors: Truetone DC3326, clock radio, reverse painted front, MIB, $115. Realtone TR-1871, jade green, MIB, $50. Sony TR-86, white, 3 tiny stress areas, $140. Toshiba 7TH-425, fan, not perfect, $80. Emerson 838 hybrid, maroon, $100. Top Flight Boy's Radio, blue, $45. Coronet Boy's Radio, b&w, as is, $17. Realtone TR-8042, case, one flaw, $25. NOVELTIES: Turtle, metal, Japan, $50. White Harp, Franklin, $50. Cabin Cruiser, with stand, $75. Highboy Phono, $30. Money Talks, $32. Sam Samuelian, 2305 W. Deerfield Drive, Media, PA 19063. (# removed). Note: We will be in the Atlantique City Show from October 16-20.

WANTED: Toshiba 6TP31 and/or 6TP31A "Bathroom Scale" set. Realtone TR-870 "Satellite" (pictued above). George Kaczowka, 23 Hillside Avenue, Boylston, MA 01505. (# removed) before 9 pm eastern. E-mail: (email removed)

WANTED: Zenith Royal 50 and 100 in different colors. Also Majestic or Jewel marked "Super Eighty." Frank Schoen, Box 2370, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3C 4A6. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Little Hercules (earphone only), with box, $110. Bruning Paint Can radio, with box, $50. Motorola 56-T1, $80. Sampson 6 transistor, $30. Motorola X-15N, $40. Motorola X-16N, $30. Seminole 605, red, $30. Invicta 200, black, $25. Zenith Royal 50, black, $30. Magnavox AM-81, $20. Sears (Silvertone) 5201, red, $25. Mitsubishi 7X-347, $25. Sony TFM-951, $40. Some Deco table top radios for trade or sell. WANTED: Motorola X-11 and X-14 sets. All above radios untested + shipping. Nick Calantonio, 409 Reading Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Transistor radios: B1 or B2 = Bunis; H = Handy; and L = Lane for photo reference. Prices do not include shipping. Call Mike at (# removed) after 6:30 California time. Mike Kramer, 132 N. Alamo Drive, Vacaville, CA 95688. Hitachi TH666, with speaker box, both radio and speaker box beige, $235, B1 page 91. Sony 610, red, $125, B1 page 99. Zenith Royal 500, hand wired, black, $85, B1 page 245. Global GR711, blue/grey, with shabby box, $145, B2 page 108. Toshiba 7TP303 "Cat's Eye," with speaker box, $250, B1 page 218. Standard Micronic Ruby SRH55, $35, B1 page 204. Realtone TR8611, black, $65, L page 89. NRC 6TP106, black, corner blemish, $45. Omscolite with speaker box, $175. Global GR900, black, back has rubs and back is slightly pushed in, $100, B1 page 85. Four Star Boy's Radio, red, rubs and blemishes, $45. Magnavox AM60, red, corner chip top rear, $25, B1 page 113. Kobe KT80, in box, $200. Regency TR1, red, three tiny hairlines, $285. Toshiba Lace, red, B2 page 277, original box, case, papers, tiny dark line on back, otherwise new, $550. Monarch 60, slope front, small, 3/4 size of most shirt pocket radios, one red, one green, $100 each. Coronet Boy's Radio, red, $40. Lady Truetone, pink, shell design, $100. Candle PTR856, cream, $40. Jupiter 6T250, all plastic front, pink, $300; another salmon/red, $325. Crown TR333, in original box that flips open to create an angled display case for the radio, 3 transistor, case, battery, earphone, $335. Marvel, very tiny, green, chip inside lip, $100. Marvel 6YR15A, salmon/red, with box that flips over itself as above to create display, H page 49, $175. Toshiba 7TP352S, $65; 7TP352M, $65, H page 28. Raytheon "Transistorized" 8TP3, beige, some rubs on corners, $50. Seminole 801, $175. Rest Room radio TP dispenser, in original box, $20. Orion, black and white, large crack but displays well, $45.

FOR SALE: Realtone TR2663, portable, multi band, excellent, $15. Webcor WFM 2069, portable, multi band, excellent, $35. Sears 6225, portable, AM/black, good, $10. Hitachi KH 1005, portable, FM/AM, very good, $30. Toshiba 10TL-429F, portable, FM/AM, excellent, $60. Artemis ST-7EL, horizontal, AM/LW, excellent, $30. Regency TR-5C, horizontal, AM, 7 transistor, excellent, $50. Magnavox AM84, horizontal, AM, 8 transistor, excellent, $20. Magnavox AM61, shirt, AM, 6 transistor, excellent, $15. General Electric P820A, shirt, AM, 6 transistor, excellent, $15. Candle PTR-62B, shirt, AM, 6 transistor, excellent, $25. General Electric P850-B, vest, AM, 6 transistor, very good, $25. Magnavox AM62, shirt, AM, excellent, $25. Panasonic T-7, shirt, AM, 7 transistor, excellent, $30. Penney's RP-1-124, horizontal, aqua, very good, $25. Tama Tone Boy's Radio, shirt, 2 chips, $20. Jupiter, shirt, 8 transistor, chip, $15. General Electric P-911D, shirt, AM, very good, $10. Airline, shirt, 8 transistor, very good, $10. Panasonic RF680D, horizontal, FM/AM, very good, $15. Coronet Boy's Radio, shirt, chip, with box, $35. Emerson 911, horizontal, aqua, very good, $30. Emerson 988, coat, red, 8 transistor, chip, crack, $25. Westclox 80002?, horizontal, 6 transistor, very good, hairline, $25. Admiral Y2423GP?, coat, 8 transistor, excellent, $25. General Electric P808B, horizontal, very good, $15. General Electric P-860E, coat, "Sportmate," very good, $15. New Yorker, portable, leather, excellent, $25. Continental TR-1066, horizontal, leather, excellent, $15. Holiday HN802, horizontal, very good, $10. General Electric P-9011, shirt, very good, $15. Ross Supreme, horizontal, 10 transistor, very good, $15. Truetone DC3318, shirt, very good, $15. Penney's 6TP-555, horizontal, 6 transistor, excellent, $15. Philco T-75, horizontal, very good, $25. Sony 2R-31, shirt, very good, $15. Pearltone T-888, horizontal, crack, chip, $25. Motorola X11B, shirt, aqua, small crack, $25. Zenith Royal 50, shirt, red, excellent, $30. Zenith Royal 40, shirt, very good, $15. Silvertone 2203, shirt, mint green, excellent, $15. General Electric P800A, horizontal, black/ivory, excellent, $30. General Electric P9011, $15. Trancel T11, horizontal, 6 transistor, ivory, hairline, $20. Motorola A-27908, crack, chip, $20. Matsushita T-50AA, horizontal, black/white, excellent, $30. Philco T70-124, shirt, 7 transistor, gold/white, very good, $25. Emerson 888, very good, $35. Zenith 500H, coat, 8 transistor, black, very good, $50. Zenith 500H, coat, 8 transistor, black, small chip, $40. Roxy UR701, square, black, hairlines, $30. Zenith Royal 20, vest, tan, very good, $20. Zenith Royal 50, shirt, black, excellent, $30. Channel Master 6511, table, Nile green, excellent, $25. Lloyds TR81, shirt, 8 transistor, black, excellent, $20. Hiram S. House, 224 Robbe Road, Libby, MT 59923. (# removed).

FOR SALE: NOVELTY RADIOS: Reclining Mickey Mouse on yellow radio with doors, NIB, $60. Money Talks, NIB, $30. Superman, NIB, $50. Mickey Mouse (3 dimensional), NIB, $30. Raggedy Ann and Andy, NIB, $30. Coke Bottle, NIB, one FM $40, and one AM, $35. Lady Bug, NIB, $25. Care Bear, NIB, $20. Sexy Susie Doll radio, $100. Harald Herp, 6615 Michele Court, Huntingtown, MD 20639. (# removed).

FOR SALE: Panasonic T-13, s/n 19529, mint with case, $35. Westinghouse H791P6GP, very good, $35. Magnavox 1R1200, 10 transistor, AM/FM/SW, average, $25. General Electric P746A, turquoise/white, very good, $30. General Electric P1760, with case, mint, $30. Sharp BP460, with case, good condition, missing back plate, $10. Sylvania 4P19WD, very good, $25. Admiral 7M14, with case, very good except dented grille, $35. Viscount 6TP102, red, new in display box with all paper, $425. Emerson 888 Pioneer, fair, $50. RCA PT1, good condition, $18. Fiesta, 16 transistor, with case, Hong Kong, very good, $10. Bulova, no model number, AM/FM, CD marks, turquoise, $30. Wendell West CR-18, top and bottom chips, scratches around antenna, $20. Zenith Royal 300, very good to excellent, $50. Bill H. Cruce, 202 N. Osage, Dewey, OK 74029. (# removed) work. (# removed) home.

FOR SALE: Zenith Royal 51 and Royal 50. $100 for both, yes they aren't cheap, but are in nice shape and they work, too. Also, a bag of 10 AM transistor radios. It's a surprise, so don't ask what's in the bag, but I bet I'll toss in a couple of good ones, $50. You pay the cost of shipping. Regards. James Wilson, 14140 Americana, Victorville, CA 92392. E-mail: (email removed)

FOR SALE: Minivox clock radio, Swiss made, gold and brown with reverse paint, NIB, $135. Merc radio MR-610, great chrome front deco design, NIB, $135. Emerson 888 Atlas, black case with late 50s design grill, $115. Emerson 911 Eldorado, in a brilliant salmon/red, $85. Motorola X11-B, mint blue, $65. NEC NT-640, black case, $75. Benida Transistor Six, blue/gray, with case, $135. Lloyds 2TR Boy's, red with case, $65. Lloyds Toy radio, black with gold front, NIB, $95. Emerson 747, red with case, $75. Emerson 707, pink/tan, in clamshell case, with accessories, $95. Sportsman Binotone Binocular transistor radio, with case, $115. Pet Pocket radio, xtal, blue, NIB, $110. Kent Germanium xtal radio, NIB, white, $110. Miniman Rocket radio MG-305, NIB, $175. Miniman Rocket radio MG-304, NIB, $175. Spica ST-600, black, with case, $55. White with chrome deco face plate, with case, $55. Nuvox Deluxe Boy's with gold RP face, NIB, $85. Elgin Hi-Fi 8, with jet plane design on grill, very stylish, $135. Please add for postage. Allen Weiner, 80 Central Park West, NYC, NY 10023. (# removed). Fax (# removed).

FOR SALE: New Transistor video by Roger Handy and Eric Wrobbel. Fun, informal video featuring nearly two hours of our favorite transistors from Japan and America. See over 100 fabulous radios up close including pink and blue pearlescent Regency TR-1s, with colorful boxes, advertising, collecting tips. A program list is included with model numbers. VHS. $29.95 includes postage. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).

MISSED ELGIN SALE: Raytheon T-1000, excellent, $100. Zenith Royal 800, two-tone, rare, back somewhat warped otherwise excellent, $75. High value, rare, Firestone 4C-29, Bunis book value $250+, chip in plastic handle, my price $100. Arvin 9577, hour glass, early, rare, one ding in trim, $75. Bulova Comet, red, $75. Philco T-7, their first, $30. Offers? Specific wants? Please write. J.L. Wilson, 2007 Water Edge Dr., Hoover, AL 35244.

FOR SALE: Gol-Fone golf club novelty and case, $70. Red Micronic SR-H437, earphone, clamshell case, excellent condition, $130. Micronic SR-H437 black, clamshell case, excellent condition, $120. Micronic SR-H436 brown, $150. Motorola X-21, ivory with rhinestone intact, clamshell case, $130. Sony TR-63, black, in Delmonico International case, chip and dent on upper left side, shows nice from front, $350. Bradford TR-1626, Bunis T2 p 50, $35. Realtone, white, same shape as Bradford, $25. Viscount 802, AM/SW band, with two tone reverse plastic slide dial, two antennas, case, $60. Planatair, World's Smallest Germanium Boy's, in box, $60. Arvin 61R16, turquoise, $20. Arvin 61R13, red, excellent, $30. Zenith Royal 500, white, small crack on top, shows nice, $35. General Electric P746-B, turquoise, $20. Transistor walkie pair, a real oddity pair of Onkyo TCR 501 walkie/transistor combo radios in blue with CD marks, leather cases, excellent condition, $70 pair. Sony hand held CB transceiver CB-901, oval speaker like TR-610 pocket transistor, mfg. date plate 1962, blue and white crinkle patina, neat, $50. Jon Golden, 16 Roundwood Road, Newton, MA 02164. (# removed). e-mail (email removed)

FOR SALE: Vista Transistor Six, red, like Fleetwood MIJ pg 66/67, nice, $75. Standard Micronic Ruby SR-K466F, with case, 11 transistors, AM/FM/AFC, not working, $28. Standard Micronic Ruby SR----, with clamshell case, not working, $23. NEC NT625, ivory, excellent, $75. Zephyr ZR620, black, $95. Oldsmobile Transportable, nice and works, missing some case screws, $85. Sanyo Transworld 17H-815, big six band portable, works, $55. Science Fair Globe Patrol, 4 band sw rcvr kit, built, untested, $40. All are plus shipping. Thanks. Lars Roose, 10100 Chapala Ct. N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87111. (# removed), evenings, please.

MESSAGE: I will be attending the VRPS Convention in Irving, Texas on October 25 through the 27. If you see me please stop me and say hello. There are so many of you that I never have met except for speaking to you over the phone. I am always ready, willing and able to talk about radios, transistor or the ones that light up. See you there! Marty Bunis.

FOR SALE: Zenith Royal 500D, black, works, no chips/cracks, $65. Sony TR-620, excellent condition, leather case, works well, $70. Trancel TR-80, excellent condition, works well, leather case, $135. Postage extra. Kay Botzum, R.D. 2 Box 419, Morgantown, PA 19543. Fax (# removed). Phone (# removed).

FOR SALE: Bulova 250, white, $425, book 1 page 40. Bulova 250 leather, $500, book 1 page 40. DeWald K-701A, $200, book 1 page 62. Raytheon T-150-1, no chain, $425, book 1 page 160. Raytheon T-150-1, complete with chain, display box, and instructions, $700. Raytheon T-150-2, $450, book 1 page 160. Sony TR-63, one yellow and one black, excellent condition, make offer. Airline BR-1100A, $400, book 2 page 26, Raytheon clone, white and gray. Marty Bunis, 32 West Main Street, Bradford, NH 03221. Phone (# removed), before 8 pm EST. Fax (# removed) anytime. E-mail: (email removed)

SERVICES: I restore those flaking, filthy, fade logos on Regencys, Raytheons, Motorolas, early General Electrics, Emersons, Tom Thumbs, etc., etc.. Just like original! I can also restore Regency TR-1 and Sony TR-63 dials. Many different badges and nameplates reproduced. Owner's manual reproductions for over 185 different models. I polish and electroplate small metal trim parts and fix cracks in plastic. Call me for prices, recommendations, and references. Eric Wrobbel, 20802 Exhibit Court, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. (# removed).