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Last Updated July 16, 2006

I am plan on showing some of my favorite tube sets from the late 1930s. My fascination with radios started when I was quite young. I remember a Philco 38-3 that my uncle had in his room. At night, we used to listen to the BBC all the way from England! Magic! And the set glowed with that yellowish light from the round dial... I think that this is why I have always been fascinated by radios of that era with shortwave...

Well.. I found the chassis of my uncle's set in my parents cellar a while ago, and have located a cabinet. It is a restoration project awaiting suitable time. When I finish it, I will be sure to devote a whole page to it!

In the mean time, check out some of the sets I have included here. A larger version of many of these is available. Simply click on the thumbnail version... Enjoy!

[June 22,1996] - Many thanks to Patrick J. Martone for pointing out an error in my one of my Zenith sets. The one I had labeled as a model 1103 lokks like it is actually a model 11S474 (having a Chassis number 1103)! Sorry for the confusion. The label inside had the word Chassis on one line, and Model on the next, with 1103 next to the word Model.. but evidently, both lines were to be read together!

July 2006 - This section of my web site will need to be updated.. Over the past 25 years, I have accumulated hundreds of tube sets.. I will have to add some more to this list!

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