George's Radios on Display (Part 1)...

Last Updated on February 15,2002

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I want to extend my thanks to the many people who have helped me find radios for my collection from all over the world. Many people from the net have offered me wonderful radios over the years. I also want to express my thanks and appreciation for the many kind words of encouragement I have received since I have started this Web project! I wish you good luck in your own hunt!

Some of the radios I have on display...

Shelf of radios

I have been searching for a way to display more of my table radios. Some of these have a very interesting design and exhibit lots of color. I found a shelving system manufactured in Canada that is light and shows off the radios very nicely.

The photos leave a lot to be desired, so they will be replaced.. It is tough to get the lighting just right!

The top shelf currently holds a few colorful tube portable radios. The second shelf begins to get interesting holding a radio made by Cord, and a pink Champion Venus radio from England.

The third shelf holds a pink Sparton sled (4 knob variety). Below that is an AWA Radio from Australia. The next shelf holds my French Oceanic Surcouf set. Finally on the bottom is aBritish Ekco radio.

This is a second set of shelves holding more of my table sets. The top shelf is a pair of RadioCapt radios. One is white, and one green.

A blue Sparton Sled (3 knob variety) is on the next shelf.

The third shelf holds a French A. L. T. model E500 mirrored set recently acquired at the AWA Rochester meet this year.

The next shelf holds a Peter Pan set from Australia and a Stewart Warner set from the US.

This is my sole Spanish radio. The white section is a plastic overlay on top of the wood. It makes a stunning effect.

This was a great eBay find!

This is the coveted Park Avenue console radio. I have drooled over this for some time, and finally convinced the previous owner to part with it.. It has a lot of things that are not original (knobs, and grillcloth), but in general it is in fine shape!

This photo displays some more of my overseas sets. There are three Zenith consoles and a MidWest set. There are three round Ekco radios an top of these, as well as a Murphy British set. There are some SNR french sets in the background. Two of these are the SNR 52 and one SNR 55. There is also a Russion Red Star in this display.

This is a frontal view of those Zenith and Ekco sets..

Finally, this is a large Philco 39-116X remote control radio. On top is a Bush EB23 set which borders on the small console in size! ;-)

Next to this is an Emor globe set, and a Philips "canned Ham" set.

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