George's Transistors - The Big Picture(s)!

This display represents many of the best transistors in my collection. In addition to these sets, I have several console radios, table-top radios. This display is in my finished basement. I have found that glass shelves make for an excellent display. The biggest problem is the time needed to dust the display! The following three pictures are taken from left to right.

I am sorry that most of the model numbers are missing. I do not have a good listing of these sets, and at some point I hope to revise this page with more model information on these sets. A few of these are featured in the individual set section of my Radios page.

Fig 1. Left section of display

On the Top Shelf from left to right are: Remco Crystal Radio Kit, Philco speakers, Philco 41-221, Philco 49-603, and Weston. Second Shelf: 8 "Jet" type coat pocket sets from HiFi, Nipco, Jason, Royal, Metro, Viscount, Elgin, and Lefco, followed by 6 miniature tube portable radios.. Lafayette Novelette w/separate speaker, two Sterling coat pockets, a Rosko, NEC, and Fentone (one ugly set!). Third Shelf: shirt-pocket sets by Mastercraft, Vista , Hitachi 666, and horizontals by NEC, Global, Shalco M6M, Windsor, Seminole, Crown, NEC NT-61, and Futura. Bottom Shelf: Picadilly radio from England, Emerson 847 sets in back, with shirt-pocket vertical sets in front from Sears, Coronado, Aladdin, Sony(3),Hitachi 627,Mellow Tone(2), Mitsubishi, 2 Sony TR-86s, and Sonata.

Underneath the shelves in all sections are about 6 console radios (not shown) with other radios on top of them.. An interesting side note about the Emerson 847s (With the Miracle Wand antennas). Some of these sets contain blue Raytheon transistors. Many Raytheon sets are missing their original transistors.. could this be a possible source for replacement transistors? These sets are not very rare, but the bright colors and unusual design caught my eye.

Fig 2 - Middle section of display

Top shelf: Miniature tube table sets from Japan by Viscount, Norwood, Lafayette. The set in the middle by Olympic has an interesting shape, and a reverse painted dial. To the right are Invicta, Raylux, and Star-Lite. Second shelf: Speaker box radios: Zenith "Converta" w/R50, Columbia, Grundig, Grundig Solo-Boy (Trapedoid speaker in middle), Columbia, Hitachi 666. Third shelf: Coat Pocet sets by Continental, Truetone, and Holiday are virtual clones. Front left are Webcore and Sony miniature horizontals. In back are Imperial and Vornado. To the right are a "Speaker" clone, and 5 Spica ST-600 sets. Fourth shelf: Channel Master speaker, and the following 2 transistor radios: Star-Lite, Hilton, Valiant, Sceptre, Champtone in box in center,Angel, Marvel horizontal in teal blue, 3 Windsor Coronets, and a Coronet 2 transistor table radio. Bottom shelf: Crestline 6T-220 w/speaker box, Windsor, Personna, Polyrad, Corona, 2 Trancel T-7, Philips, Hilton, and Vista nt-200 w/speaker box.
Fig 3 - Right section of display

Top shelf: Sony, Channel Master, Aristo-Tone (tube, shortwave, reverse paint), and Philco portable. Second shelf: coat pocket sets by Harpers, Columbia, National Panasonic, Channel Master, National, Trancel. The set in the middle is a tiny Norelco AM/FM/LW set. To the right are 2 National sets, a Matsushita, MACO, Yashica, Sony, and Sanyo. Third Shelf: A mixture of sets by Standard, Crown, 5 Realtone sets in the center, and Olson, Global AM/FM, Trancel, and General. Fourth shelf: holds some of my better sets. These include a Yaou 6G908, Mitsubishi 6x-870, Goldtone 8, Top-Notch TRN-60A, Hi-Delity 6T330, Viscount 602, Lincoln L-640, and Commodore. Bottom shelf: are more common sets by Artemus, Excel, Silvertone, Times, Motorola, Magnavox. To the right of the microphone novelty is a Fleetwood, Monacor, Crown, Channel Master, Hilton, Star-Lite, and Channel Master.

Phew!... That is a lot of sets.. If there is information about a specific set that you wish for, or would like to see a better picture of, please e-mail me below. I will attempt to respond as time permits. These pages do take a lot of time to construct. I am really beginning to appreciate some of the top notch collections on the web already!

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