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This site is intended for the benefit and enjoyment of collectors of old radios, be they early crystal sets (the first solid state radios!), tube sets either battery or AC powered, and even the almost-old transistor radio enthusiast.

This site is sponsored by an old radio collector (you decide what the old refers to ;-) who wanted to offer something back to the hobby that has provided so much enjoyment to him over the years.

We hope that you find this site usefull and enjoyable, and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

You should know that I get a LOT of e-mail generated by this web site... so please be patient...

Also, I find it very difficult to give values of radios over the internet. There are so many factors that effect the value of a radio that I do not have. You can often learn much about a radio by using Google, or looking on eBay... There are also many price guides available now for radios.

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