Photos of St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada 8/7/98

Saint Andrews is a small resort community close tot he U.S. border. I last visited there with a friend around ten years ago, and had a marvelous time. One of the best memories was getting fish and chips out on the main pier in the town. For that reason, I headed stright for the pier when I got to town.. The first thing I noticed was that the pier was now made of cement, rather than the thick wood planks that I remembered. The fish and chip place is no longer...

The Pier:

The Fire:

It turns out that the pier that I remembered burned around three years ago, and has been rreplaced with the cement pier.. This was a photo that was in a display out on the current pier. In fact, you can see me in the reflection. It must have been devestating for the town. The local high school put together a great display that included this picture for the dedication of the pier this past May.

The Downtown area:

The following photos are of various store fronts in the town. The town seems to have grown and changed quite a bit. It seems to have been discovered by more people than ten years ago. A few of the stores are still in place. There was a store that was run by an elder couple from England. It seems as though the establishment is now on teh other side of the streed, and instead of carrying items from England, now seems to have local crafts.

There is a lot of towns named for saints int he area. St. Stephen, St. Andrews, St. George, etc. When we first saw this company's name (originally spelled out in colored tiles on the top step into the shop.. since removed), the question that first came to mind was "Who was St. Ickney?".. oops...!!!

I think this pocture on the left was once a local restaurant where the locals had breakfast. Going there in the morning, one could quite literally rub elbows with the locals.. There used to be Hires Root Beer mugs along the shelf on the top.. It is called Mable's Table. Again, memory fails me of late, so I had trouble identifying the stores that I remembered from before...

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