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Cord Mirrored Radio

The following radio is available for sale. All prices are in $US, and do not include shipping and handling.
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Cord Mirrored Radio

This radio was obtained over the internet from another collector several years ago. I have had it in my collection since then. The radio is unrestored, and is essentially in the condition I received it in. The radio did work when last tested however.

The mirror has the slightest hint of foxing. It was almost impossible to capture it in the photos. If you look closely at the first photo (large version) in the one or two o'clock location, you can see a faint shadowing that looks a bit like varicose veins.
  • Offered for sale as I received it.
  • Mirror has hint of foxing.
  • A few paint chips missing from the cabinet.
  • Beautiful coloring.

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger photos.

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